Mom of the year

So yesterday I knew Finley was under the weather and was hoping teething....Long story short, she was really sick...Daycare called and said she had a 101 degree fever.  I took her to the doctor and she has a double ear infection, soar throat, and cold...poor baby....

So the doctor gives me a prescription for an antibiotic...I run to get the girls so I can run through CVS to get the medicine and give it to her at the Y....problem was when we got there, they did not include a dispenser and it was powder....I was very confused...My sweet friend Christine said "girl, you have to take that back and have them mix it"...So that is what I did....because we moms have millions of extra hours and time to do stuff like that...haha ...joking...they were nice and fixed it.

I made one of my freezer meals- pot roast....sooo good...and my mom will be so proud I FINALLY pulled out the baby bullet and used it...Finley loved our meal mushed up....Score! Life is good...we are blessed!!!!!

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