Circus - Part 1.

The entiterty of my last post was just wiped out so this will be more brief.

We went to the circus today with some of Corrin's co-workers from her internship at Isabella's school. The also happen to have kids In Sophia's PreK class.

I've never been clear on exactly what the Shriner's do but the seem to have a circus. It was a lot of fun, very old school. It reminded me of the ones we used to go to as kids. More "rodeo" in style as opposed to a Vegas act.

Corrin took the girls to ride on an elephant and some of the acts included: lions/tigers, trapeze's, crazy pendulum walkers, motorcycle cage riding, dancers, hula hoopers, and drunk horses. There was also a giant elephant. Which was as far as we got. We left at intermission because we were sleepy. I blame Whataburger.

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