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I love Matilda Jane clothes for girls...but it is expensive...I know it is well made and I can resell it eventually for basically what I paid.  My cousin's wife has a trunk (that is what they call sellers) and she sells the clothes...the outfits range about 70.00 a piece (WAY too much for our budget)...But she is super sweet and posts on facebook when the run sales....This is the second time I have purchased clothes when she posted clothes were 50% off...at that price, it really is a good deal. Plus I bought all size 4, and both Isabella and Sophia can wear the clothes...I did splurge and buy Finley an outfit...so basically, I bought several CUTE pieces that at sale price ranged from 24-27.00....When you see the quality and cuteness, it is definitely worth it....I just can't justify spending 60 or 70 on a kids outfit....I mostly don't spend that on myself!!

So here is my review on Matilda Jane Clothes....

#1, I LOVE the clothes!!!
#2. I only buy when they are 50% off!!
#3. The quality is first class....I don't dry the items, but if I did, they still would hold up.
#4. Go on their site periodically and if you see a sale, go for it....also, my cousins' wife's trunk number is #500...please put that in so she can get the sale..I am not sure if she even makes money when I buy at 50% off!!!! I hope she does...
#5. They ship FAST...not like Zuilly....you get the stuff quick!

Here is the website!!!


Here are the first 2 items I bought in the fall at 50% off.....  The rest are recent 50% off pieces...

The rest are pieces I purchased recently....the first Picts are models, the rest are my girls:)

My girls:)

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