34 wow.....wow...wow...

Today was the perfect bday;...life is great. I had a great day at school. I participated in a teacher/student tennis tournament...my poor parnter...I was so bad...but I had a blast and we get to play on Wednesday again. I picked the girls up and we waited for Dave...my awesome bday gift is a hard copy of this blog. All is well. Dave said we could go anywhere for d
iner...I was so tired, sushii delivery sounded perfect!!!




Isabella...bella bug...

Isabella, you are 44 months...You are getting so big. You are mommy's big helper. You love helping me fold laundry. You - love working on your workbooks - still love skirts and dresses - are very social- everyone at school loves you - love to make patterns...your teacher was in awe of the leggo puzzle you created the other day - are still a picky eater...bo
th you and your sister - still try and sneak in our bed...you lightly knock and then start crying...we tell you to go back to bed and you do - sometimes seem so mature for your age - take everything in...sometimes things we don't want you to hear....we have to watch everything we say - you love hanging out with your cousins - are still a morning girl...you come down, ask for chocolate milk, breakfast, and tv - love when mommy sometimes takes you to school because you ask her to take you to "old mcdonalds" and I usually do - you order apples and a hashbrown - are so smart...you know you live in the United States of America -love telling mommy the letter of the week...you and I go back and forth sounding out words that start with that particular letter

Sophia Smiles

Sophia, You are getting to be such a big girl. You are 28 months old. You have such a cute personality. You love to fake cry and then slowly look to see our reaction and then bust out lauging. You: - say "ok I will" a lot - say "I'll be right back" - still love shoes- often putting different kinds on your feet - still are not a morning person - sometim
es try to get in our bed by banging on the door...you won't go back to bed until we answer the door...you won't answer our questions, but keep banging -love Molly - try to be lazy and not pitch in and help clean - you want to do Isabella's chores of feeding the dog and watering the plant, but end up spilling water everywhere - I caught you drinking out of the dog's water bowel this morning...when I told you to stop, you did it again just in spite - know most of your colors - love your new pierced ears and Hello Kitty earings - you say your favorite food is pizza - you use the potty on occasion - you love "chockee" - you are such a brave girl when you had lots of blood drawn (5 viles last time) - we are still trying to figure out why you are not growing... - you have a "sense" of when I come to pick you up that I am there...even if you don't see me - you are moving to the next room at the end of next year - you are SOOOOOO Beautiful!!!!

Sunday....why do you have to be so close to Monday???

Weekend went by way too fast. Friday I practiced playing tennis with one of my students for the SWHS teacher/student tournament. It starts Monday and I hope I don't embarass myself:) Dave went to a happy hour with former Rice classmates. The girls and I took it easy and I ended up going to sleep at 7pm. It was so nice to get a long night sleep. Saturday I woke u
p, worked out at the gym and then went to a beautiful bridal lunch at River Oaks Country Club. I then treated myself to a rare petticure. Meanwhile Dave took great care of the girls, took them to lunch and then put them down for a nap. When I came home it was time to go to a birthday party for one of Isabella's dance friends, Ava. We had a great time and met several new couples. Today I am trying to motivate myself to get some counseling homework done. Tomorrow is my 34th bday and Dave keeps asking if I want anything special. I really don't need a fuss this year. For my birthday gift I asked Dave to get hardcopies of our blog. I won't get them for a few weeks, but I am super excited. Years of hard work and documenting the girls have been amazing. This week shall be very busy. Monday tennis tournament, Wednesday night Sophia and I sleep at the hospital for her sleep study, Thursday dance and I have to pick April and her friend up from the airport around 9pm. Friday we have to get up early and drive to Louisiana for the Crawfish Festival. My aunt and uncle from Michigan will be there....and lots of friends and cousins. My parents have hired a band and I am sure we will have a blast.




Well, yesterday I was surprised that Sophia actually wanted to get her ears pierced. We tried about a year ago when Isabella got hers done. Sophia wanted nothing to do with it. So we went to claires right by the daycare. She was all smiles until the two ladies shot the ear guns at the same time. She cried for a second and then was happy. She was so proud all
day long at school today. This week so far has been wonderful. I have gotten so much done at school and home. I am doing great on my diet and my school work. Tonight I have a web conference with my professor and class. Dave is being really awesome about giving the girls baths and putting them to bed so I can get my graduate work done...life is good... Funny story...Christa and I showed up yesterday wearing the same shirt to school....too funny;)


love my girls

my poor baby....

Today was great...I have a new feeling of excitement about my new position next year teaching all AP classes...I am just super excited about my new adventure. Today was wonderful. I taught the kids about credit scores and they loved it. I introduced the lesson by putting them in groups and giving them the following scenerio...pretend you have save $10,000 and
have to loan it to a stranger. What questions would you ask this person...they present and then we discuss...we then watch a few of the free credit report coommercials...finally, we go over how credit scores are compiled...they love this lesson...they have lots of questions. This afternoon I dropped off casseroles and dessert that Brad and Christa prepared for friends of ours...he has cancer....and is putting up a huge battle...we are praying for a quick recovery....he has been through everything...3 kids and a wonderful wife..just good people.... And to my poor baby's drama...since we are working with the pediatric endochronologist, she is exploring all aspects. Today I had to bring Sophia back to Lab Corp. I have done this many times before...it is very painful to have her in my arms crying because she is in pain...and today was the worst...they took 5 large viles...I just held her while she tried to be brave but it hurt so much...she was so brave...and so was big sister Isabella who cheered her on...I treated them to ice cream...what a mess...I love my girls....


Dog Park

I thought today would be relaxing and low key...but for some reason it was hectic...I promised to take the girls to the dog park and that took longer than I thought. We first stopped at Pet Smart to buy Molly a new name tag and then the girls talked me into buying her clothes...Isabella said she sees dogs on tv all the time with clothes on. We saw Ashlee sister, Stacey at Pet Smart. She look
s amazing...she is so skinny from teaching kick boxing classes. We finally made it to the dog park and the girls had fun. We then picked Dave up to go grocery shopping...we just ran out of time and I still had an article review that had to be submitted by midnight tonight and I had not started writing it until 8 pm...crazy....all in all this was a great weekend...love my family:)






Busy Saturday

Saturday was crazy....so much fun...so much good family time. We started in the morning at the Goddard School festival. Next, a quick nap before we headed to Isabella's classmate's birthday party at Inflatable Zone. Sienna's mom was so sweet about us having Sophia with us. She was treated just like the other kids. We were then off to Clay's Resturant to meet up
with Christa, Brad, the kids, and Tara and Wilks. The weather was awesome. I had a cheat day. I have doing doing so well on my diet...have been exercising, (not drinking wine), and not eating carbs...I have lost 7 lbs so far. I know most of it is water, but I will take it. We then headed over to Christa's new apartment to check it out. We ended up spending the night there and then driving by their new lot in the morning. Today we are relaxing and I going to do some counseling homework. I wanted to take the girls and dog to to a dog park, but don't know if we will have time.