Smurf party

Yesterday we had a smurf party celebrating all of the August birthdays. The night before we all made smurf shirts in which everyone got to choose the smurf they wanted to be. Dave was Pirate smurf, I was Boudreaux smurf, Isabella was princess smurf, and Sophia was Ms. America smurf (because she is always waving at strangers....she loves it)...We celebrated by having a party, opening presents, and then all going to the movie theatre (in our shirts) to watch the new smurf movie that came out yesterday. The movie was great!


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Day 3 of Branson

Today is our 3rd day of being in Branson with my family. The trip has been wonderful except 2 things...#1 the babies have been sick (Isabella, Sophia, and Maddy)...and the HEAT!!! We chose the mountains over the beach because we thought it would be cooler...well, Branson is having an unusual heat wave...the normal high for this time is around 91....we have had 100 plus degree days...I think it is supposed to rain tomorrow and cool things down. The funny thing is that right now the weather service is saying Texas may be hit by a hurricane or tropical storm this weekend...We are coming home Sunday.

Tuesday we took it easy. Christa and Brad cooked sliders (yummy...with unique toppings!)..Yesterday Dave and I took the girls into town and drove around/ did a little shopping...Everyone else went and used the free kayaks and went to the pool. Michelle found a coupon for 2 free 2 hour boat rentals..We used one yesterday and had a blast on a pontoon boat, and everyone (except Isabella and I) went tubing.

Today we braved the heat and headed to Silver Dollar City. We saw a dog show where dogs did all kinds of cute tricks. Dave, the girls and I did not stay as long as the rest. It was soo hot and they could only take a few hours. Tonight mom is cooking pasta and we will probably play games again (played wheel of fortune last night).

Life is good and we are so blessed!!!!!


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more picts

Sunday at mom's

Yesterday was low key. Mom and dad got back to their apartment around 2. Michelle and her crew took off to Arkansas and we kept Madeline. She is so easy. Sophia has already started trying to boss her around...and to pick her up....Madeline (14 months) weighs so much more than Sophia (19 months). Poor little Isabella was sick all day. I guess she caught some kind of stomach virus and I was having to take her to the bathroom all day long. She seems to feel better today. In a few hours we are headed up to Little Rock Arkansas. My mom caught a huge deal and booked 2 rooms at the Crown Plaza Holiday Inn...the rooms usually costs 25,000 points (my dad travels a lot) but they were running a special for 5,000 points per room. I joked and said Dave and I could take one room and mom, dad, and the three babies could have the other room (haha...just joking)...the plan is to wake up tomorrow morning and only have about 3 hours to Branson. We will meet up with Michelle, Morgan, Abigail, Tyler, Tristan, Christa, Brad, Paige, Will, Abby, and Allison.



We are now in Tyler. My parents and Morgan are in Dallas at a VIP basketball game, and we are at their apartment. Michelle and her crew will arrive tonight, get Morgan tomorrow and head to Hot Springs, AK for a couple of nights. We will hang out with my parents, maybe head to Little Rock, AK Monday and then meet up with everyone in Branson on Tuesday.

We have had a nice, relaxing evening in Tyler. Dave and I took the girls to BJ's Brewary (we love this place) and now are relaxing.


Blast from the past...ice cream

Years ago, my first teaching job was teaching math and science at a small rural school in Louisiana. One of the fun experiments we did was ice cream in a bag. Basically showing chemical reactions. Tonight the girls, Dave and I made ice cream in a bag...they had a blast...and it actually tasted really good...like homemade vanilla:)

We took it easy...ordered sushi...yum...and now are watching the Lincoln Lawyer.

Friday Fun

Today started out with running a few errands with Christa and Will. We were at Party City when Isabella asked me to take her picture. She has been doing this lately...when she sees a cute photo opt, she just asks....what a ham...Later we made homemade play dough...it was fun, but very messy!!!!


New teeth

I went to get a crown on my tooth that I had a root canal on a few weeks ago....the dentist decided that it made more sense for me to finally get my last bridge instead of the crown. If he put the crown on, I would have to get an implant where my last baby tooth (that didn't have a replacement) was placed. I spent almost 2 hours in the dentist chair with the dentist finishing the root canal and shaving my teeth down in preparation for my temporary bridge. Needless to say today was not the best. I spent the rest of it in bed taking a nap trying to forget the pain. The girls were at daycare. Dave picked them up and by that time I was feeling better. We leave for Tyler Saturday morning. I guess tomorrow I will pack. I also plan on making homemade play dough with the girls....should be fun. We got invited to go hang out with a few couples tomorrow night, but we decided to just lay low...we might just take it easy and maybe we will order sushi!!!!!

I am still enthralled in that book Unbroken.....all I can say is wow....and I really never say that much about a book....