I really did not start thinking deeply until I got home, started to write something mundane on facebook that I took the girls to the Winnie the Pooh movie and was disappointed. Then I started seeing posts to a friend saying, "thinking about you"...this special person was someone I worked with at my last school. She is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Last year on this day her daughter (around my age) was killed by a drunk driver....and then I remembered that my good childhood friend is having brain surgery tomorrow...a single mom who is awesome....the best mother, hardest worker, best friend you could ever want....and then I think about me about to go on my 3rd vacation this summer and some of the negative thoughts I have about certain subjects....life is too short...I am soooo blessed....I live in the best country ever, have the most beautiful children, most romantic, wonderful husband, and wonderful family ever. And I allow negative thoughts to go through my mind is almost shameful. I have been working out every day and listening to a book called "Unbreakable"..it is sooo good...true story..it REALLY makes you appreciate your life...God is good...life is good....I am about to go back to work and only want to have positive thoughts...touch people in a good way...I love that I get to work with my twin sister....life is good...thank you God!!!!

On a side note...I made the best chicken curry for dinner...and Dave is growing his beard out...he keeps asking my opinion....I like clean shaved guys...but I will let him experiment. Also, the girls were at the YMCA daycare while I worked out. I requested they be in the same room....When I got back it was reported to me that Sophia was being mean (hitting) Isabella...I asked if she did it to any other kid...they said, nope, only the sister....Also, Isabella was so still sitting watching a movie, people thought she was in trouble...the workers had to laugh and say, no...she really liked the movie!!!!

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The Rodriguez Family said...

I think it is only natural to have negative thoughts from time to time. It's not a matter of you not apprecaiting your life but rather just being human.