Iron Chef

We had a blast today...One of the resort activities was iron chef challenge. We met, found out the secret ingredient (can of cranberry sauce) and had 1 hour to cook up some type of dish. Dave and I had no idea what to make so we looked at the back of the can and made the recipe...plus we added ingredients...it was spicy meatballs...it called for 1 can of cranberry sauce, ready made meatballs from frozen section and 12 oz chili sauce....problem was Dave bought this rooster chili sauce that was SOOOOOOO spicy!!! I told him to get lime juice and he bought a margarita mix...we didn't win, but had a blast.

Rich and Karen made tuna noodle casserole with cranberry sauce...it was sooo good...Danny and Ashlee made chibiata bread sandwiches....also, so GOOD!!!! There were 6 dishes total...a sweet girl made the best cupcakes....it was a lot of fun!

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