I could get used to this life!!!

Today was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  Such a wonderful day!!!  I got to sleep in until 6:30...the girls woke up at 7am...I made them breakfast.  We took our time getting ready and then  I took them to school.  Isabella had a field trip at the zoo (she had a blast). I came back home and cleaned the house a little and then headed to use my spa gift card.  My facial was SOOO good...so relaxing...I then got a pedicure that was so good.  I was at the spa 2 hours.  I then came back home, did a little school work and then had a hair appointment.  I decided I might look for a new hair girl.  She is really sweet, but a couple of things have bothered me.  When I first went to her she charged me $75.00.  A few times later she increased her price to $120.00...I get raising your price because you are too cheap, but was disappointed she did not let me know of the price increase.  So I have been going to her for quite some time and today it dawned on me that most of the time she is really busy and doesn't have time to blow dry my hair.  Most of time I leave the salon with wet hair.  Which is not a big deal, but when you spend $150.00 (price plus tip), leaving the salon looking your best should be included.  For years I went to a fancy salon in Rice Village.  For all those years Dayna never made me feel rushed or bad about drying my hair.  Anyway, day still was great.  I came home with the girls and made dinner.

I am just so blessed that today (minus the spa) will be a reality for me and the family.  Everyone will be happy.   I get that having a baby will not be easy, but I will just be concentrating on the family!!!

Tomorrow...back to the grind...but life is good...and it is my 35th birthday....I can't believe it!!! I am getting old:)


Baby stuff...

I have started pulling out some of our "baby stuff".  The girls started fighting over sitting in the Bumbo (which they both fit in) so I pulled out the 2 swings we have.  I let them swing in them while they were watching Star Wars.  My friend texted me a picture from a boutique in Rice Village.  Apparently they had girls names on big canvases and Finley's name was on one:)  I really love her name, as I do Isabella and Sophia's names.

Saturday was a good day.  Dave spent 4 hours getting my car detailed (I asked for it as one of my birthday presents).  I was in shock how good it turned out.  It is like I have a brand new car!!! The inside even smells like a new car.  We are going to take the Buick to have it detailed soon.  The weather was pretty bad yesterday.  It rained so bad.  150 different motorist around Houston had to be towed/ rescued from the high waters.

Today Dave went for a long bike ride and then we went to Chilis to have lunch.  When we got back I took a long nap.  I was so tired!!! Dave took Sophia to run a few errands while Isabella and I stayed home.  Isabella has turned into a home body. She prefers staying home to going out and running errands.  Apparently wherever they went they passed some Minney Mouse PJs.  Sophia asked Dave to buy them a pair, so he bought each girl a set.  Sophia is really into Mickey Mouse lately.  She loves watching it on tv, has panties, and now her pjs.  Too cute!!! Isabella still likes Justin Bieber, but I tell her that she should like other people:)


Garage Sales

Ok...I know my husband is a keeper...for lots of reasons, but the fact that he went garagesaling (I don't think this is a word!)  with me this morning is yet another reason:)  My friend Robin said her neighborhood was having lots of garage sales.  Dave met up with some high school friends last night for dinner and so I asked him if he would go with me in the morning.  He was hoping I would sleep in and forgot, but oh no...I am a Skelly...we love garage sales!!! So the girls, Dave and I hit a few this morning.  I didn't buy a ton of stuff (some baby clothes for Finley) and a interact tv fisher price game for the girls.  Sadly, we are missing a piece so the girls can't play until I order it online.

After work yesterday the girls and I ran to Target to pick up a couple of things.  Since we knew Dave would be home late, I bought them a container of snap beads...It was perfect...the girls love arts and crafts.  These plastic beads were super cute- they made bracelets, rings, necklaces....all by snapping...then they took them apart and can play with them another day.  Great toy for 3-4 year old girls!!!

Today is a chill day.  I made the girls tacos for lunch.  Dave suggested we go to lunch somewhere, but both girls said they wanted to stay home.  It looks like it is going to rain, so today is perfect to lay low.  I pulled out my sewing machine, but I think a few of my pieces are at Christa's house.  Hopefully she can find them so I can work on some projects this weekend...Life is good!!!



I am very grateful for lots of things right now.

Grateful that today is Friday and I have a 3 day weekend.
Grateful that Monday I am pampering myself by using the spa gift card Dave got me for our anniversary.
Grateful for my friend Melissa who gave me some really cute baby/kids/maternity clothes...
Grateful that I only have 27 days left at work.....Yea!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday the girls and I met Dave at La Centerra for dinner.  We ended up eating on the patio at Ottos Grill while listening to live music.  Some of Isabella and Sophia's friends from school were dancing to the music so after dinner they got to play.  It was great.  This weekend should be good and low key.  I have lots of graduate work and chores around the house I need to tend to.  Next weekend we will be in Louisiana, so I need to get stuff done.  I also want to pull my sewing machine out and get some stuff made.  A few of my friends are having big neighborhood garage sales that I would LOVE to go to, but only if I can convince Dave to go with me.  Christa can't and I hate to go alone:)



I picked the girls up from school not knowing what they would look like because Dave sorted them out this morning.  He did a pretty good job.  He dressed them alike in the green M&M shirts he bought them when he was at his conference in Vegas.  Isabella's jeans were high water so I looked at the tag...it said 24 months...she was wearing Sophia's jeans...which Sophia can't wear because they are too big...

When we got home we had a package at our door step.  Dave loves Amazon prime and ordering things we forgot when we were at the grocery store...today the 6 tubes of kids toothpaste arrived...apparently it is much cheaper to buy them in bulk, so I think we are good for the next 6 months!!!

When I picked up Isabella from school today she told me..."mom, Parker told me he wants to kiss me"...I asked her what she said "I said NO!  Why would I kiss you?"...and so it begins....

Tonight I have decided to ask both Isabella and Sophia interview questions... I will start with Isabella...

Isabella, how old are you?
4 1/2

What is the most amazing thing about you?
Staying with mommy and daddy and my sister.

Who is your best friend?

Who is your favorite teacher?
Ms. Donna and Ms. Katie

If you could be given one wish what would it be?
A magical rainbow pony.

When you feel sad, what cheers you up?

What is your favorite toy?
a ladybug

What is your favorite color?  blue

What is your favorite fruit? apple

What is your favorite tv show?  Paranorman (she is watching this as I type this)

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?  I know this one, but we can't eat it at school...peanut butter and jelly

What is your favorite outfit?  This m&m shirt (she is wearing) 

What is your favorite game?  Candyland

What is your favorite snack? Lime yogurt (she ate that today....I am sensing a "today" pattern)

What is your favorite animal?  Horse

What is your favorite song?  Justin Bieber

What is your favorite book? My Little Pony 

What is your favorite cereal?  Cheerios (I don't know if I believe this answer)

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  playing 

What is your favorite drink?  Lemon aid

What is your favorite holiday? Halloween 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Waffles

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Waffles 

What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist

Sophia's interview

Sophia, how old are you?

What is the most amazing thing about you?

Who is your best friend?

Who is your favorite teacher?
Ms. Janet

If you could be given one wish what would it be?
a teacher

When you feel sad, what cheers you up?

What is your favorite toy?
old McDonald

What is your favorite color?  all the colors, green, rainbow

What is your favorite fruit? blueberries 

What is your favorite tv show? Parnorman 

What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Pasta

What is your favorite outfit?  the pink one 

What is your favorite game?  Old McDonald game

What is your favorite snack? yogurt

What is your favorite animal?  horse

What is your favorite song?  Justin Bieber

What is your favorite book? Justin Bieber book

What is your favorite cereal? Coco Puffs

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  play outside

What is your favorite drink?  koolaid

What is your favorite holiday? Candy 

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?  Waffles

What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Pasta

What do you want to be when you grow up? Snow White 

March of the Penguins

Yesterday I picked the girls up and took them to dance.  I am glad I signed them up, but it makes for a long day:)  I was very happy when we got home Dave was cooking dinner...Chicken Pesto Pasta.  It was REALLY good!!! He used fresh basil from our garden.  The girls have been studying Penguins at school so we rented March of the Penguins after dinner...it is such a great documentary. Sophia started really crying when some of the baby eggs dropped out of the father's pouch and they died...she is so sensitive!

I have been so tired lately that I go to sleep early and then wake up at 2 or 3 am wide awake.  This morning I woke up after having a horrible nightmare that a guy was trying to kill me with a gun...It was so disturbing!! Good thing is was just a dream...anyway, I only have 29 more days left of work...am so grateful.. Overall my students are awesome..there are the few that no matter what you say, they will still talk when you are talking, sleep, and text on their phones the entire class.  I think I am going to be psycho about teaching my girls manners. I don't want them to be the ones being rude and disrespectful to their teachers.  I am just so grateful that my parents raised all 4 girls to be polite and have manners...I am by no means perfect, but it is the small stuff that people notice-- being the only one paying attention in a boring meeting and not on your cell phone...

Life is good:)



Not much going on around here.  I made a really good dinner.  After Danny and Ashlee brought over red bell peppers and hummus a few weeks ago, I have started snacking on them...sooo good!!! Tonight I made steak salad.  I broiled a steak and put it over spinach and veggies...

Today was good...busy.  Dave got the girls sorted this morning so I could get to work at 6 am...I just had a lot of stuff I needed to get done before the kids got there.  I am tired though (what is new:) ) ...This week is going to stay hectic...I already have prepared for it..but that is ok, but in a few weeks it will get easier:)  Life is good, we are blessed.


Great Weekend

This weekend was GREAT!  The weather has been so nice...(especially since we are inching towards May and it is Houston)...Saturday afternoon we went to a spring fest at the girls' school.  They had a great time.  We then headed over to Christa and Brad's house to hang out.  They cooked hamburgers and the kids played.  We spent the night because we were all supposed to go to a festival together, but something came up and plans had to change.  We ended up taking the girls to the International Festival in downtown Houston. They had a great time.  The spotlighted country was Brazil.  After the festival we stopped by Dave's office so we could use the restroom.  The girls loved drawing on his dry erase board:)

This weekend was good...I had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions.  Wednesday I will be 6 months (24 weeks)..which is a happy milestone because they say the baby could be viable if born at 24 weeks...Of course we want baby Finley to stay inside my womb until August:)

I can't get over how close we are to the end of the school year.  I only have 2 more chapters to teach before I start reviewing for their AP exams.  Once they take their AP exams May 14 and 16, it is smooth sailing!!!! Life is good...we are blessed:)