It is Friday night and we are watching the breaking news report that they captured one of the two Boston Marathon bombers.  One of the two brothers was killed last night in a shoot out.  The other brother was on the run all day in Boston.  The whole city was shut down while the cops were looking for him.  The guys are brothers from Chechnya.

Today was a very productive day for me at school.  My students were testing all day so I worked on graduate work.  It took me hours to write a paper I had due on Sunday.  I am glad to get that done so that this weekend I can focus my attention on Dave and the girls. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a spring festival at the girls school, then we are going to Christa's to hang out and spend the night and then Sunday we are going to a festival in Town Lake.

When I got home I got into bed to rest for a while.  I am so tired...I know people are tired I me saying I am tired, but it is true.  We went to a family friendly restaurant pretty close to our house called All Star Grill.  It was pretty good. They had two play areas, one for bigger kids and one for smaller kids.  My kids were stuck on the smaller kids playground, but I think the bigger one was more appropriate for their age:)

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