The girls were so funny this morning.  They came into our room around 7:30 and thought they were being all sneaky by being quiet and taking the ipad...Of course I pretended to sleep and let them take it and play on it for a while.  They love the games Dave downloaded for them.  Around lunch time we went and tried a new Latin fast casual restaurant. It was really good and inexpensive.  We then went to Target to look at cribs and to check out patio furniture.  Because our pavilion is larger than our last covering, Dave wants to add 2 pieces to our existing patio furniture.  Dave is taking the girls to a birthday party while I work on some graduate work that is due...  

This week should be really busy...I have a lot of school work I need to do.  I am just grateful that Dave is in town.  Last week he went to Las Vegas for a conference.  I have to say we missed him, but it wasn't as hard as it usually is when he is gone.  Also, tomorrow I have a doctors appointment.  Because my amniotic fluid was on the lower side of normal, they just want to check me out (2 weeks after my last ultrasound)...I have been drinking a TON of water (per doctors orders) so hopefully everything looks good!!!

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