Dave again. Today was a lazy day. If by lazy you mean planting tree, hanging lights, running errands, bike riding, paper writing, lesson planning, and cleaning... I went for a bike ride in the morning while Corrin worked on a research paper and the girls watched a movie. When I got back, Corrin was still working on her paper so I planted two lemon trees.


After that, I took a break and read a book while Corrin took a break and went grocery shopping. I won out on that exchange. After she got back Danny and Ashlee came over to do laundry since theirs is on the fritz. I then attached 8 pavers to the bottom of the new canopy in hopes it will handle a wind storm better than the previous two. I then strung some string lights on it. Corrin worked on her lesson plans while Danny and Ashlee prepared kabobs for dinner.



As I write this they smell great. The girls are playing on the swing set, we're drinking (Danny, Ashlee, and I beer, Corrin water).


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