That has been the theme lately....the first week of school is always very tiring because teachers are getting back into the whole "work thing"...haha...I sound like a broken record, but if I did not have Dave, I don't know what I would do....It has been about a week since things turned upside down, but Dave has been wonderful with giving me time to get back to normal...there have been quite a few days that he has come home, taken charge, given the girls baths, brushed their teeth, got them in bed, gotten them ready and brought them to school...I will always be thankful for this....Tomorrow after work we are driving to Tyler to visit my parents.  They have been anxious for us to come and see the house they bought.  I hope the weekend doesn't go by too fast:)


Life is good...

Today was great....

It started with  a simulation....circular flow model game..  The kids love this game...I love this game....Life is good....

Justin Bieber "Boyfriend"

Isabella had her 4 year check up today.  Dave picked her up from school to take her to get 3 shots.  She is officially 3 feet tall...and so proud of it.  She is very mature for her age.  Every time she sees Sophia's footie pjs, she says "I want footie pjs"...so today I had to stop by Sams before I picked up Sophia from school.  I decided to surprise both girls and buy them matching footie pjs and a Kid Bop CD.  The funny thing was that kid bop is popular songs sung by kids.   Lately Isabella has been requesting "my songs" and Sophia wants "her songs"...which equates to the "baby cd"...I thought Kid Bop would be a good compromise...and the songs are awesome....songs we all like!!!


First Day of School

Today was the first day with kids.  It was the BEST first day I have ever experienced.  All day long I had sweet, respectful students.  They wanted to be there.  They were dressed so nice.  It was awesome.  I am very thankful.  I know we are going to have a wonderful year.  Dave has been so wonderful (as always).  He is getting the girls ready and taking them to school so I can get into the groove of things. He is picking Isabella up early and taking her to her 4 year check up tomorrow. 

Everytime I start to feel bad, I keep telling myself to get over it...be blessed...be thankful...we will get pregnant again....sooner rather than later....everything happens for a reason...we are blessed...have two of the most beautiful girls....with HUGE personalities.

I picked the girls up and they were sooo cute...both were actively engaged at school.  We came home and they played outside for a few minutes...it was soo hot!  They came in and we worked on a science kit for a little while.  They are so sweet.  I then went and laid down in bed.  I am still having some pain, but will get over it.  I am grateful for all of the kind support. I think I am so emotional because my hormones are out of wack...It will get better every day and then I will be back to my happy go lucky self::)

I finished my group therapy class (got a 98%!) and am starting a new class today...It is called career counseling. 

Silly Girls



I am so mad....I just can't stop crying....I keep telling myself to get over it....be appreciative for what you have....but why can't I get over it?  I now get that unless you have gone through a miscarriage, you have no idea how hard it is....even if you have a beautiful, wonderful, picture perfect family...It still sucks....bad....You get attached to the baby that is growing in your stomach....you see the baby on the ultrasound screen with the heartbeat...you tell everyone because you are excited...you hope everyone is happy for you....even friends who have been struggling with their own infertility problems....you know you should keep it quiet until after 12 weeks because 1 in 5 pregnancies ends up with a miscarriage....but you are excited and why should you not tell people....you had 2 healthy pregnancies, surely the third will be the same...and then you start bleeding...just a little at first..you are freaked out and your husband tells you to not worry....but all you do is worry...and then it gets worse and worse...and you know what it happening....in the back of your mind you hope for the best, but know what is happening...even when it becomes painfully clear what is happening, you hope maybe you had 2 embryos and 1 is still implanted...but alas it is not to be...it just sucks....you cry and try to be brave, but you are devastated....devastated at what should have been...what could have been....and then you have to wait about 3 months before you can try again...which seems like forever....you just want to go back to the day before when you were pregnant and tired and happy....Now you are paranoid...what if this happens again...can you deal with it?  Of course, you will try because you have hope....This past weekend has been the worst time in my life....I never want to experience this awfulness again...and I get that people have it much worse...I think of the lovely person comforting me who has lost her young daughter a couple summers ago because a drunk driver killed her.  And I think about another mother comforting me who lost her little angel when she was full term....now that is painful...I was "barely" pregnant...but I was pregnant and I am still upset....So, I will be ok...maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but I will be ok....I just have new admiration for anyone who has ever had to be a member of this awful club....

trying to stay busy...

This weekend we tried to stay busy to keep my mind off of the sadness I am experiencing....I just can't stop crying...I know I will get over this, but it just is sad....Yesterday we took the girls to the park for a picnic and then went and bought a king size mattress.  Later we watched the Saints beat the Texans.  It was funny going to the park because too many people have fed the ducks, they now stalk you.  The neighborhood keeps begging people to stop.  We got out of the car and all of the ducks started chasing us.  It was crazy....I had duck for dinner and did not feel at all guilty:)

The bed is awesome....soooo comfortable.  This morning we went to mass and then met Christa and Brad for lunch....I am taking the rest of the day easy...Tomorrow the kids come back to school. 


Sadness...but grateful:)

Today was pretty sad.  We lost the baby....We were almost 8 weeks along.  It was a pretty awful experience, but I know that things weren't doing what they were supposed to do.  Anyway, we are optimistic that the next time will have a better outcome.  The doctor said we can start trying after 2 cycles. 

In the meantime, I still have everything in perspective....I am grateful to God because I (we) are sooooo blessed....

I am blessed that I have the best husband ever.  He helps me 110% with kids, chores, finances, evereything...I have the most wonderful children....they are sweet, smart, and beautiful.  I have the best family and friends....life is great:)


Monday is the first day of class with the kids.  I got my room ready and I am super excited that I only have 1 prep at a time....I am starting my 14th year of teaching and can honestly say I LOVE AP MACROECONOMICS!!!!!!  Life is good...God is great!


hump day

Today I presented at our social studies in service.  It was great.  A lot of teachers shared resources. Another AP Macro teacher shared a ton of stuff with me!!!!  The girls had a great day.  They both are transitioning into new classes.   When I picked them up from school, I tried to take a picture of both of them, but they both started laughing and started covering their faces. 



Today was stressful.  Last night I searched my house high and low for the green shirt my principal bought all the teachers to wear today. I could not find it anywhere.  I thought I might have left it at school, so I set my alarm for 5 am and was at work at 6:15am...I searched my class high and low...no shirt...so I drove back to Katy look again and could not find it...Things like this stress me out because I am a rule follower.

The rest of the day went fine.  I have the best husband ever.  He picked Sophia up and took her to her follow up pediatric endocrinologist appointment.  She hasn't gained weight, but she has been growing. Dave took her to get blood work done and we have another appointment in 6 months.  If she is still not growing (which the dr thinks is unlikely, then we will look into human growth hormone...we would have to give her a shot everyday)...

I am grateful the cleaning lady came today....we are usually good about cleaning really well before she comes but this time we just ran out of time...


Hair cuts

Sophia needed a haircut...she has never had a real one. I decided to take her after work. On the way, Isabella announced she wanted her hair cut...short like her friend Lily. They both did awesome and their hair looks cute!!!


Saturday night we went to the Astros game....it was the girls first pro baseball game and Dave and I's first game together. Too bad they lost....real bad...so bad the manager got fired later that night.  We bought the girls t-shirts because they were buy one get the 2nd free and then take an additional 40% off:)


4th birthday party

Isabella had her 4th birthday party...We invited her cousins and friends from her class.  She had a blast.  The party was held at New Spring Art Studio in Houston.  My friend is an art teacher in our school district.  She holds all kinds of classes.  For Isabella's party, we decided to have a frame mosaic party. 


New Job!!!

Yesterday was my first day at my new job....I LOVE IT!!! Everyone is so nice!