Ok..so don't hate me for being touché and copying my twin sister, but hers was so good, I felt like I should do the same. I am VERY thankful for my wonderful husband Dave...he is the the best person I know. We met at a debate watching party (Bush Vs Kerry)...I kissed too many toads before I met him which I am now grateful for because it makes you appreciate the good ones:) This is why I love him: our first date he planned out and took me to the coolest restaurant/concert venue (last concert cafe) where we had to knock on the door to get in...I was super embarrassed to tell him my big secret (I stupidly married an idiot while in college and was divorced...thank goodness no kids )...he said ok, and never missed a beat..he is the funniest guy I know...he is loyal to a fault and loves his family, friends and job...I am so proud of him, and he is so proud of me.. He is my biggest cheerleader ...I am a Skelly who has all kinds if crazy ideas...he fights some of them, but goes along with others and later says thanks...the thing I love most about him is that he gets the best thing you can do for your kids is be a good husband...he is so sweet and romantic...he is the best dad...wow...God has blessed me and I appreciate it:)



This week has been wonderful! Love having Dave home all week:) we are spending Thanksgiving in Austin:)


Girl Scouts

Today was great!!! I dropped Isabella off to school because it was cold and rainy. I told Sophia she was staying home because she is still coughing, has a runny nose, and started complaining about her ear hurting. When I got home, Sophia was crying. She was upset because she wanted to go to school. I told her I would take her to the redi clinic at HEB and if the doctor (nurse practitioner) said she could go to school, then I would take her. 

She has an upper respitory infection, but is not contagious (dr said she was fine to go to school so I bought her some HEB homemade chicken noodle soup and dropped her off at school)

Dave wanted to go on a lunch date since he is off from work this week. 

We went to Black a Walnut Cafe. After I ran into Hobby Lobby to find a craft for tonight's meeting. Here is what I settled on:)

Sophia wanted to do the craft before the meeting. I can't wait until she is old enough to participate.

The meeting was great!!!


Holiday Photos

I love the photographer we use for Holiday pictures.  My old co-worker Maryann, has her own company called Charade Photography.  Here are a few of my favorites!


Brad's brother Tom got married Saturday night and was sweet enough to invite me and Dave to the wedding. It was awesome! Danny and Ashlee were so wonderful and kept the girls all day Saturday and overnight so Dave and I could have a fun date night!!!

The wedding was at a beautiful Catholic Church in Plantersville.

The reception was at a lake resort in Conroe. It was nice staying the night at the same place as the reception.

One of the highlights of the wedding was a speech that Brad gave as the best man. It was thr nicest best man speech I have ever heard. Christa is blessed to have found such a nice guy and a nice family. 


Dave took off Friday! It was so nice. The weather started off crazy bad...pouring down rain and then cold, cold! 

Dave and I worked out and then I went to Isabella's Thanksgiving party at school.  The school was flooded with so many parents..I love that!  I also am still pinching myself that I get to go to things like this:)

Later Dave, the girls and I headed to Katy  Mills mall to do a little shopping. We ended up eating at a pizza place by our house called Isavella Mia...very good pizza!! We ended up running into a guy who went to Rice with Dave. They just moved to Cinco Ranch and daughters close in age to Sophia and Isabella:)

When we got home Sophia realized she left her treasure box toy (Daffy Duck) at the restaurant. Super dad Dave went back and got it...



I love my girls and I love my husband and I love how much they love each other:) last night Sophia read (or made up a story) to Finley.

Today was good. I had to sort out all if my counseling internship stuff. Then the girls had dance.

Dave met me at the YMCA so that I could make it to my 2 hour CPR training for the Girl Scouts

Apparently Finley cried for 2 hours. She fell asleep finally. When I got home she was calm:)

I told Dave it's because she and I are together all day, every day. She actually slept almost all day today. I think she is having a growth spurt.

Last night Isabella gave me this note. It is too cute. She was apologizing for being mean to me 

Here is Sophia today at school. We are very blessed!!!


Pj day

I This morning Sophia when she was sleeping she was coughing over and over...she has a little cold.  She didn't want to wake up. I asked her if she wanted to stay home with me. She coughed and shook her head yes.  Then a few seconds later you could tell she was thinking about something and then said, "I want to go to school". I immediately remembered why she wanted to go to school so bad..it was pajama day:)

I dropped the girls off at school with the intention of taking it easy...I guilted myself into going to the gym and then cleaned the house. 

Here are some of Isabella's school pieces.

We got a letter from Isabella's teacher saying she does a gingerbread boy unit. One day when the kids come back from lunch, gingerbread boy will be gone. This is all a surprise for the kids so she asked us to not mention a word. We have been asked to get friends/family from other parts of the country/ other countries to send a postcard saying the gingerbread boy has visited them. The teacher will teach geography by pinning the locations. I love this idea! We are so blessed that Isabella has such a good teacher/school:) 

Random thoughts: I have hereditary high cholesterol and am on cholesterol medicine. I also take a baby aspirin at night. A news report just said it is best to take aspirin at night because most strokes occur in the morning. Also, there is a stroke test. It is S (smile), T (talk), R ( arms up). Now they have added tongue. Basically if you think someone is having a stroke you should have them smile, say a few sentences, have them raise both arms, and stick out their tongues.

I also saw a news report that eating a handful (not too much) of any kinds if nuts could cause you to have a 20 percent lower chance of sudden death.

It's funny how when you are young, you are carefree. Once you start creeping up in age you have to worry about "adult stuff":)