Today was crazy!!!

Today was very busy!!!!! But good!!!

We walked Isabella to school and half way Sophia decided she did not want to walk. She wanted the stroller. I have been using the baby bejorne..

When I picked up Isabella she had a couple of stickers on her. I joke and say she is my little walking advertisement!

Tonight was school spirit night at pappa johns pizza...we have participated in a few spirit nights, but would not do this one.

Poor Molly needed to be groomed...I do it about every 4 months, or 3 times a year. I called Pet Smart and they said if I could get there in the next 30 minutes they could groom her...she looks awesome! (And smells good)

Finley was so good today. She was such a trooper being dragged around town. She went nuts in the car around 6 pm because she was hungry. She cried and cried and cried. Poor baby...

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