Nutcracker Market

I am so grateful!!! Dave knows I love shopping at the Nutcracker Market. Christa and I planned to shop this morning after I dropped the kids off at school. A couple days ago I found out Isabella has early dismissal, so it would never have worked out. Dave found out he still has time off he needs to take before December, so he offered to take the day off and spend it with Finley:)

Isabella was excited about today because the kindergartners got lots of rewards for raising money for hungry children. They got to wear silly hats, bring a small stuffed animal, take their shoes off at school if they were wearing socks, got five minutes extra at recess, and got to sit next to a friebd in their class:)

Sophia got mad at me because I wanted to do her hair up and I wanted her to wear a red shaw I bought her at smockaholics:)

Now I am waiting for Christa and our friend Carrie so we can start shopping. Dave told me two things: have fun and set a budget and stick to it...he didn't tell me what the budget should be:)

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