Pj day

I This morning Sophia when she was sleeping she was coughing over and over...she has a little cold.  She didn't want to wake up. I asked her if she wanted to stay home with me. She coughed and shook her head yes.  Then a few seconds later you could tell she was thinking about something and then said, "I want to go to school". I immediately remembered why she wanted to go to school so bad..it was pajama day:)

I dropped the girls off at school with the intention of taking it easy...I guilted myself into going to the gym and then cleaned the house. 

Here are some of Isabella's school pieces.

We got a letter from Isabella's teacher saying she does a gingerbread boy unit. One day when the kids come back from lunch, gingerbread boy will be gone. This is all a surprise for the kids so she asked us to not mention a word. We have been asked to get friends/family from other parts of the country/ other countries to send a postcard saying the gingerbread boy has visited them. The teacher will teach geography by pinning the locations. I love this idea! We are so blessed that Isabella has such a good teacher/school:) 

Random thoughts: I have hereditary high cholesterol and am on cholesterol medicine. I also take a baby aspirin at night. A news report just said it is best to take aspirin at night because most strokes occur in the morning. Also, there is a stroke test. It is S (smile), T (talk), R ( arms up). Now they have added tongue. Basically if you think someone is having a stroke you should have them smile, say a few sentences, have them raise both arms, and stick out their tongues.

I also saw a news report that eating a handful (not too much) of any kinds if nuts could cause you to have a 20 percent lower chance of sudden death.

It's funny how when you are young, you are carefree. Once you start creeping up in age you have to worry about "adult stuff":)

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