Whole Foods Field Trip

Today had lots of peaks and valleys...I misplaced my wedding rings...I spent the entire day searching, worrying, and praying. I prayed to St. Anthony all day and asked Christa to pray to him (she
did twice).. When I got home this evening I asked Dave if he saw it (he didn't)...a few minutes later he looked under our dresser to see if they fell (they didn't).. But then he saw a glitter and found them!! They fell on the floor under a chair..to say I was ecstatic is an understatement...plus the cleaning lady comes tomorrow so they could have been vacuumed if not found...I will be much more careful!!!

Tonight Isabella's Girl Scout Troop had a field trip at Whole Foods. It was awesome!!

Life is good!!

I have been praying for the people in the Phillipines..they say over 10,000 people have died in that terrible Typhoon...

Also, today is Veterans Day. I am so proud all serviceman past and present:)

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