Christa and I met our friend Lyndsey for lunch because Christa wanted to tell her thank you for helping figure out what was wrong with her.

I have been hearing lots of good things about a new, trendy place called Tiny Boxwood...I asked if we could meet there. It is the "inner loop" part of Houston.

Here is my review... It is kind of hard to find (hidden off of West Alabama)..the atmosphere is cool...we opted to sit outside because the weather was nice.

My friend said that sometimes they yell at little kids being on the grass...which seems ridiculous...the big green grass is part of the appeal.

About 6-8 people came for lunch. The girl asked the waiter if she could push the tables together..the guy said "I don't think so, I will have to ask"..they ended up letting her..it just seems like the people who run it might not be flexible..

The food was good...but in my opinion overpriced..Christa had a soup and very small salad for 16.00.... Lyndsey and I had the buffalo burger.

Overall, it was pretty good. I would go back with a group of girls for a brunch...

I headed back to get the girls:) I let Sophia pick out her outfit and when we got to school noticed all the kids were dressed up...it was picture day...good times:) Sophia did tell me she smiled normally:) She was proud of that.

I still feel very grateful to not be working..don't get me wrong, I am very busy with three kids under the age of five. It just dawned on me today that I am really getting to spend quality time with all the girls, especially Finley:) For that I will always be grateful!

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