Valentines Day Weekend

Dave and I had a wonderful, long weekend. Friday night we went to our friend's Lyndsey and Daniel's house to get together for pizza with some of our friends. Lyndsey is a lawyer and kindly agreed to draw up a will and medical directives for Dave and I. We wanted to make sure we had this in place before our trip to Ireland. We are super excited about the trip. Dave's parents are so wonderful to watch both girls for one full week! Saturday we woke up and drove the girls to San Antonio for the day/night. I got a super cheap deal on a room at the Hilton Hill Country resort. We went to the river walk where they had mardi gras floats floating down the river. Sunday Christa and Brad kept the girls over night so Dave and I could have a romantic valentines day date. We ate at 3 Olives (Italian restaurant by our house...it was sooo good!!!) and then had drinks at Baker Street. We were super excited to find out Baker Street is kid friendly!!! They have high chair and a kids menu. Obviously they are not appropriate late at night, but it will be nice during the summer to have a drink on a Sunday afternoon. Monday Christa and I took the kids to a pizza/ game place called Itz. It was pretty fun.


Red Light...Green Light...

Isabella loves this game...I just taught it to her...she doesn't fully understand it, but it makes her smile when we are playing it. I have really tried hard to spend lots of quality time playing with Isabella and Sophia after I get off of work. Yesterday I took the girls for a wagon ride around the neighborhood. (Sophia was in a sling). Today we came home, played blocks, read lots of books, and interacted. Sophia is really alert. I give her tummy time (which she hates) but she is doing well. Isabella had a rough couple of days. Yesterday she had a nightmare during nap time and today she was not feeling well. Her teachers said she was very winy...poor girl, she has had a runny nose for 2 weeks. They both are very sweet girls and love each other!!!!

WHO DAT!!!!!! Super Bowl Champs

Well, something very exciting has happened...the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl....It was such an exciting time for people from Louisiana...we spent so many years being the "anints" with paper bags over our heads....It was such a nice story. Everyone was routing for us. We were the underdogs going into the game. For me, I was sooo excited with them going to the Super Bowl...I told myself to not be disappointed if they lost. Christa called dibs on the super bowl party. We had a blast!!!! My mom sent me a Drew Brees Jersey and Dave a Saints t-shirt. I made Isabella and Sophia onsies that said "who dat"...I even made Christa's dog Lucy a shirt that said "who dat, poo dat, go Saints!"....The game was awesome, the party was fun....Both Christa and I took Monday off knowing that either way we would not be up for work the next day. It took 40 years for the to get there, it might take another 40 years!!!!! WHO DAT!!!! Still can't believe they won the Super Bowl!!!!


Almost 2 months

Sophia is almost 2 months old....we can't believe it. She is starting to get a little personality. She smiles a lot and is overall a good baby. She is pretty much out of her newborn clothes and weighs around 9.5 lbs. I put her in a peach big girl outfit (0-3 months) and could not believe it fit!!! I feel like with her we are hanging on to her youth (newborn status) and forget that she is getting so big, almost 2 months old! Isabella continues to be a great big sister. Of course, the attention is still mostly on her (because she demands it!), but she is very sweet about telling "sissy" hi, giving sissy a kiss, bottle, paci... I can already tell they are going to be best friends.

This weekend was very low key, relaxing, and nice. Friday we took the girls to Johnny Carinos because we had a gift certificate. It was super cold and as soon as we ordered our food, Sophia went nuts. We ended up having to just take everything home. Saturday we went to the Gallaria for a bit. They have this kid store that I love!!! It is owned by a South African lady. The clothes are super cute, comfortable, and affordable...I bought Isabella and Sophia the cutest pjs (with feet) for 6.99. (they were regular 20.00)...Saturday night Dave and I were supposed to go to a dinner with our friends Paul and Rebbecca (and all of their friends) because they were in town from Qatar. Christa and Brad were to be the babysitters, but unfortunately, Christa came down with a stomach virus. We decided to just lay low in Katy. We ventured out to the Chili's down the street and got a flat tire on our way home...that was a little ordeal!!! Thank goodness for the wonderful in laws who kindly buy us triple A every year...we end up using it several times!!!

Sunday we just relaxed around the house. I was not feeling very well. I am still trying to do well on my diet and exercise to lose this baby weight. I have been pretty good about getting on the treadmill. I got on the treadmill Sunday for three miles...My back (from the epidural) has really started bothering me again...

Today when I went back to work it was FREEZING!!!! Our school has had problems all year with AC and heating...we did not have heat all day!!!! Tomorrow I am planning on wearing LOTS of layers. Dave had to bring and pick me and the girls up (because my car was at Discount tire)...it was so nice the 2 of us dropping/ picking up the girls!!!! Sophia's teacher's said she need diapers, wipes, formula, and a Valentine's Day outfit....that is was Dave said...I was very surprised!!! I love buying the girls special outfits for the holidays, but it is nice when I can say, "the daycare said they had to have it"...haha...too funny....

Here are the girls update...I am rounding because both are a couple days from the following dates....

Isabella....18 months....
- Such a sweet girl......
- loves to say NO....I finally realize that she does not know what No or Yes mean...we are teaching her YES!!!
- tells us when she is pooping
- has pooped on me a million times since her birth!
- LOVES MILK...in fact, is obsessed with it...that and the passi
- LOVES her little "sissy"
- sleeps in the big girl bed...sometimes cries in the middle of the night...one of us usually goes and sleeps with her...we actually fight to do this...use it as an excuse to get "uninterrupted sleep"
- calls milk "ilk"...but can say "mommy"...
- loves watching Barney in my car
- is a good "helper" brings me baby diapers, bottle, paci without me asking...
- throws away her diaper and Sophia's diapers
- still cries when I drop her off/ pick her up

Sophia-- 2 months
- smiles a lot
- sleeps a lot
- I started playing with her (putting my hair in her face)...she kept giggling every time I did it
- has mixed feelings about the paci
- not a huge fan of the swing
- loves the straight jacket blanket
- has caught all of Isabella's colds