WHO DAT....? and more poop.....

Ok....so I will start with the most exciting the news...Who DAT....Saints are going to the Super Bowl....the game on Sunday (Saints vs Vikings) determined who went to the Super Bowl...for me, this was the super bowl...don't get me wrong, I want the Saints to win, but I am sooo excited they are going to the Super Bowl....Growing up in Louisiana, I always remember the paper bags....my dad was in the grocery business so we were lucky enough to go to several Saints games growing up....even got to sit in the Pepsi Suite most of the time:)

Sunday evening we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings with Christa, Brad, our kids, and several friends...what a game!!! We had a blast!!!!!!!!! It even went into overtime....So now, Christa and I get to plan a HUGE super bowl party in Houston. So exciting....

I went back to work on Monday...I was ready, a little sad because I really enjoyed staying home with the girls...I love saying "my girls"...they are wonderful. My long-term sub Holly (who subbed for me when Isabella was born...who is a retired (but young, teacher) warned me that 1st period was pretty bad...boy was she right...I come in Monday morning, right after a VERY fun night of watching the Saints go the superbowl...excited about meeting my new seniors (I teach a semester class)...when all of a sudden all of these guys with illegal electronic devices, illegal hats, no ids come marching through my door...oh and I forgot to mention attitudes....I have about 25 guys and 3 sweet girls....how did this happen!!! The guys were going to "show me"....In my 11 years of teaching I have never experienced this...ok, maybe when I was a newbie, but not in years!!! I was in such shock, I did not know what to say...The day got better and by the end, things were ok...I really like my students...I was just traumatized by 1st period. I was also very overwhelmed trying to figure things out, get back into my routine, drop and pick the girls up, teach, go to a meeting, pick the girls up, come home and straighten the house, cook dinner, exercise, bathe the girls, and try to grade tests (which did not happen)....I am sure I will get used to this hectic schedule:)

Today when I dropped Isabella off, her teacher was telling me how good she has been. I was worried she would act out by hitting or biting, but she was really good...she did throw herself on the ground yesterday, but overall she has been great...Her teachers did tell me that she has started tattle telling on the kids in her class...I was shocked!!! 17 months and tattle telling...that's my girl....too funny.....

My poor, wonderful husband Dave has to drive 2 hours each way (T-Thur) this week for his job...He usually gets a hotel room, but I told him....I can't do it by myself...so he comes home...I love this man!!!

Just when I think I have run out of poop stories, another one appears...I took a bath with Isabella, and then Dave brought Sophia to me so it was me and the girls in the bath tub. Well, Isabella decides to poop (a bunch) while we are in there...As soon as I realize, I jump out of the tub with the baby...I can't believe I have been pooped on AGAIN!!! Really!!! I then get Isabella out...I thought she was finished...she wasn't and then she and I both stepped on one of her terds in the carpet...Dave starts yelling at me, "why did you take her out"...I say " I wasn't going to leave her in the poop tub, besides, I thought she was finished"!!! I guess I just don't learn...Christa said she never had this many poop stories with her kids!!!

One more funny story before I sign off....Isabella is in a big girl bed upstairs...many nights she wakes up (around 2 or 3 am) and starts crying...we don't want to bring her to our bed, so one of us goes upstairs, lays with her, and usually falls asleep next to her...Dave and I literally have started to run to the gate and fight over who gets to "comfort" her...ok...we really love her, but truth be told, the person who gets to go upstairs gets uninterrupted sleep...the "loser" has to stay in the grown up bed and wake up every few hours to feed little Sophia....ha!


Almost back to work

I go back to work on Monday. I am taking both Sophia and Isabella to daycare Thursday and Friday so that I can get a few last minute things finished before going back to work full time. I have REALLY loved every second of having both girls home. I really had a good time taking the girls to see the movie the Princess and the Frog. Today I took both girls to the Houston Children's Museum. It is such a neat place. Isabella had a great time. Sophia slept in a sling the entire time. Of course, she got lots of attention because she is only 6 weeks old. I have very mixed feelings about going back to work. On one hand, I know I have to work because Dave and my lifestyle requires this, and I really enjoy my job. I like having a routine and feel like I can manage other aspects of my life easier (weight, etc). On the other hand, I really love my girls!!!!! They are wonderful, precious....Even Isabella as she goes through her NO stage....everything is NO.....I really don't think she understands what it means. It is cute her asking to go up and down from my bed...everything is up....I keep saying "down" when she wants to really go down. She is copying everything we say....It was funny in Gatlenburg Brad jokingly called Christa a psycho....Isabella repeated...pyscho.....here we go!!!!!

Sophia is getting bigger. She still sleeps most of the day. She has had a total of 3 really bad nights with GAS where she screams at the top of her lungs. Isabella is getting into everything...she is so cute. Just when I think I can not have another poop story, it happens. Today she wanted to take a shower with me....(she doesn't like baths..she stands up the entire time..even after my wonderful in-laws bought her TONS of cool bath toys)...so I said she could take a shower with me and did not even worry about taking her diaper off because she pooped 30 minutes before....well, of course as she was getting in the shower, I took her diaper off, the poop pellets fell out and I stepped on one....that will teach me...why can't I ever learn!!!


Maternity Leave

I have been on maternity leave since December 8th. I go back to work January 25th. I really have been enjoying the extra time off after the Christmas holidays. I decided to keep Isabella home with me during my time off for several reasons. Mostly because I enjoy the extra time with her, but also because when I took her back after Sophia was born she got sick. Also, Dave has started taking the park and ride into work so I would have to drive 30 minutes to drop her off. I have been keeping busy cleaning and organizing the house. I know once I am back at work I will not want to do this.

Sophia finally got well and is still a great baby. She sleeps most of the day. That means Isabella is still the queen of the house! Last night Dave was devastated when UT lost the national championship. Isabella was too cute trying to do the Hook Em Horns sign. This weekend should be low key. We have a super cold front in right now so we will probably just stay inside!!! I have been doing really well on my diet/ exercise/ lose baby weight!!! Christa is getting married next weekend in Gatlinburg so I want to lose a few more pounds! Also, I want to be skinny when Dave and I go to Ireland in March. It also helps to have a skinny twin sister...I know what I could look like...haha!!!