Life is good..busy. Christa is helping me finish (or continue) with the house. We are blessed!

On another note, I saw endocrinologist and things are looking better. I got my results but don't understand them.

We played Lego wars last night.

Current state of our backyard.

She's mad!

Halloween play date.


Loving the new neighborhood!

We LOVE our new neighborhood! In the past week we have been invited to 3 Halloween parties. We are so happy!!!

Isabella got invited to her first sleepover. Poor baby got scared and returned around 10 pm.

I'm so grateful. I'm struggling with my thyroid and bring tired/depressed. I've gone to a wonderful Gp and now am seeing an endocrinologist. Plus I have the world's best family support! My in laws are wonderful. My father in law who specializes is pharmacology sent my case to two trusted top notch colleagues. They gave great advice. I'm so grateful and blessed!

We are doing a freezer meal progressive dinner and I have started decorating for our theme. Our house is the entree! 

My kids played with my phone.

The highlight of my weekend was receiving a sweet card from my good friend Jessica. She gets that I am not in the greatest place. It meant so much to me because she doesn't have a perfect life and is a wonderful mom. 

Here is what I know. I know that I am blessed. Blessed beyond belief. I hate to use the word "perfect" but I get that at this moment (knock on wood) it doesn't get better. I have everything and more. When you are do blessed with everything and still feel bad, you know you need help..,thankfully I should know answers soon. 


Fall parties

We had a crazy week. We have kindly been invited to Halloween parties and play dates. The pool is coming along except the tile people installed the wrong tile. It's all good because they will change it. I have had a few dr appointments (one with endocrinologist) trying to figure out my thyroid issues.

I made a chicken this week for dinner. 

Took girls to breakfast before school Thursday. 



We have been busy as usual.

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend a charity lunch with Christa and a couple good friends. I can't wait to share more about the charity!

Isabella dressed up as Amelia Bedelia shapes up for her storybook character day!

I took Sophia and Finley to the Children's Museum on Friday with Christ and Charlotte. It was awesome!

Our Builder David Weekley threw a family friendly Halloween Party Friday Evening.

We got Boo'd.

Lazy Sunday lunch after going to Church.

Took quick passport photos in case we get to go on a cool trip this summer!
Took Finley and Sophia to the Oil Ranch with friends on Monday.

Progress on our pool.  They have started the coping.