My beautiful kids

Isabella Caroline Wilcox
- Turned 6 years old on August 7.
- Started 1st grade at a new school, Rennell Elementary with Mrs. Craig as her teacher.
- Is a Rennell Titan cheerleader- and she is really good!!!! She pays attention to her super sweet coaches.
- She takes gymnastics on Monday, Cheer Practice on Tuesday, Church (getting ready for first communion) on Wednesday, and football games on Saturday. Busy girl and she still asks for more homework!
- She is an excellent reader and a friend to everyone in her class.
- She was asked to get the lunches kids forgot everyday in the front office.
- She loves to write stories.
- She is my straight laced daughter, she doesn't want to dress "crazy". She prefers to dress classic and classy.
- Her favorite color is pink, favorite food is miso soup and fish sticks, favorite movie is Frozen.
- She still LOVES arts and crafts.

Sophia Elise Wilcox
- Turns 5 December 9th
- Always beats to her own drum.
- "Miss Personality"
-  Her new Goddard school was an adjustment, but she is doing well.
-  She scored above expectations on most of her bench marks.
- She is starting to read and write numbers.
- She changes clothes a million times a day.
- Her favorite food "is at my school...cheese pizza".
- She is also a fan of "sushi".
- She loves Frozen, but also loves Elmo and other younger videos.
- She loves gymnastics, but mostly the "mosh pit".

Finley Katherine Wilcox
- Turned one August 12.
- Attends a mothers day out 2 days a week at a church with her cousin Charlotte.
- Is VERY SERIOUS!!!!! Doesn't smile often, but when she does, it is a doozy!
- Is a very good eater.
- Hates her car seat and changing diapers.
- Wants her "mama" to hold her 24/7.
- Is super cute.
- Is barely on the charts, but more so than Sophia and less than Isabella.
- Loves her little pink car.
 - Loves her dog, but sometimes pats a little too hard.
- Is a sleeper (night owl) like her sister Sophia and dad Dave.

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