chocolate donut

I felt so guilty about waking up Isabella this morning on the way to school so that I could run into Kroger's and buy some fruit loops for an economics simulation I will do with my students. I felt to bad that I bought her a chocolate donut....that put her in a good mood! Both of us are coming down with something....she has a cold (bad runny nose) and I have a soar throat. She did pretty well at daycare today, but when I picked her up she was in a bad mood. Apparently one of her friends woke her up from a nap a little earlier than she should have been awoken. I gave her some motrin which seems to have worked a little. Tonight was the Cinco Ranch ladies club meeting where you get to sign up for lots of clubs. I signed up for a play group (they meet mostly during the day, but have a once a month movie night at the Lake House...the kids wear pjs and daddys are welcome!). I also signed up for a wine group (planning ahead!), movie group, and craft group. Tomorrow night I have bunko and look forward to meeting new ladies in the neighborhood.

Today was a challenge at work. Our air went out again most of the day. My school is pretty old and we have this happen on a regular basis (especially Mondays). The kids are really good about it. Many of the teachers (me included) brought the kids outside to learn because it was cooler than in the classroom. Dave came home from work in a great mood. Apparently his job is going really well (which I am so happy about).

Friday the three of us are making a quick trip up to Coney Island, New York to visit Dave's grandmother. It will be a short trip, but we are looking foward to the visit.


busy, busy weekend!!!

I knew in advance this would be a crazy weekend....Friday Christa and Brad drove out this way and we went to Indigo Joes for dinner. Pretty good food and atmosphere. Saturday I woke up very early- I was helping co-host a baby shower for my friend Lyndsey- she is having a little girl, Gwendolyn Leigh, November 21. It turned out to be a great shower. I found a children's book called Gwendolyn, the pig ballerina, which became a theme. Lyndsey got a lot of very cute stuff for little Gwendolyn. I went home, took an hour nap, and then we left for a wedding. We had to leave the wedding a litle early to attend a friend's 30th birthday party at Dave and Busters. Sunday we woke up, went to mass, and ran a few errands. The hectic weekend finally caught up with me (I felt like I got hit by a bus) so I slept almost the entire day. I woke up in time for Dave and I to go down the street to attend the Cinco Ranch's Sunday concert in the park. It was so nice. Lots of kids and families. The music was wonderful- a cover band that played lots of good songs. Isabella played in the sand, went on the swing, and danced to the music. We can't get over how much we love it out here in the burbs, specifically our new planned community. Tomorrow night I am going to the Cinco Ranch Ladies Club meeting. It is the "rush" where you can join lots of clubs (dinner, movie, etc). Tuesday night I am going to bunko...I found it through a friend of a friend and am a sub...I am anxious to meet people our age age with small children. Good news- we have finally decided on a FIRST name for the new addition arriving in December. SOPHIA....we think it goes well with Isabella...now to decided on a middle name.



Today was a fun, hectic day. This morning I was digging in my purse and found a dr appointment card that said I had an appointment today!!!! Thankfully Christa agreed to pick up Isabella since this one was going to be a long one and I felt Isabella might get antsy. I had my glucose test (you have to drink a sweet drink, sit for an hour and then they draw blood). I am 6 months and everything looks great. I got to hear the little girl's heartbeat....ahh music to my ears. Christa called laughing her tail off....apparently I sent Isabella to school with 2 pig tails on her head and when she picked up Isabella, she had 3! Too funny.


Air conditioner nightmare!

We are on day 6 of not having a proper running air conditioner...We have spent the last 2 nights at Christa's and are hoping to spend the night at our own house tonight. Who would have thought you needed a super duper home warranty if you buy a house that is less than 3 years old!!! Anyway, other than that, things are great. The little one in my tummy is almost 2 pounds!!! We still have no idea what we are going to name her, which is driving Christa bananas. School is going really well, even Isabella seems happier. This weekend should be crazy. I am helping throw a baby shower for a friend who is having a girl, we have a wedding that night and a friend's 30th birthday celebration as well...I am trying to get my school work completed now so I am not overwhelmed.

Isabella is walking all around. She is also trying to talk more. She now makes "sweet eyes" when I ask her to. We are all anxiously awaiting the cooler fall weather. Dave is loving being back at Chenier. His co-workers are great. We still haven't found a cleaning lady, which is saving us money, but is getting harder and harder every day!!!


crazy weekend

This weekend has been quite crazy...who would ever have thought....Saturday morning Dave and I took Isabella for a 6 mile bike ride. Dave attached the baby bike seat to my bike thinking she and I would take bike rides this summer while he was at work (yea right!!!! not a chance in this 105 degree heat wave)...So you have a 6 month pregnant woman on a bike with a 12 month old baby. All was well until I lost my balance at an intersection and fell off my bike. Good thing Isabella and I our bike helmets on. She stayed strapped in the seat and I just scraped up my knee...other than that we are ok. I am sure the spectators of this event were probably looking at us in shock!!!! Saturday afternoon we met up with our friends Stuart and Karen who flew in from Florida. I was not much fun because of being so tired from the bike ride.

Sunday morning Isabella and I woke up early and went to mass (we let Dave sleep in....he never gets a chance). We tried out a Catholic Church in Cinco Ranch for the first time. I have to say it was pretty good. Isabella was an angel. She was so well behaved. The priest called all the teachers to the front to say a prayer for because tomorrow the students are coming back!!!! I am excited!!! and ready!!!!

For the other craziness of the weekend. On Friday when we had our friends Nicole and Barry over for dinner, our air conditioner would not cool down...We finally called a repair man over this afternoon after the roof ceiling started leaking...long story short our ac coil is leaking freon. The guy wanted us to pay 3200....I freaked out...This house is less than 3 years old! He mentioned nothing about a warranty, etc. I made Dave call another guy who was MUCH more reasonable and who said the coil was probably covered by warranty. He is going to try and stop by later tonight...meanwhile we don't have air...yea!!! It really is not that bad..I told Dave that my gut kept telling me the first guy was a rip off and I think I might be correct....

Hopefully this week will be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hot days are almost over

We are all looking forward to the fall...This 105 degree temperature is getting old....all summer long it has been so hot. Thankfully we are fortunate and have air conditioning! Isabella has been such a good little girl. Christa and Brad kindly let her spend the night Thursday night so Dave and I could go to his work happy hour. She loves her aunt Christa and doesn't cry like she does other times we leave her. I took her to a school event (party on the patio) and her aunt snuck her a tootsie roll pop...which was her first! (of course she loved it).

Last night we had our newly married friends Barry and Nicole over for dinner. Barry's son had a scrimage at Cinco Ranch High so they were able to come see our new house...we had a great evening. It even rained a bit. Today we are having a barbecue with friends who flew in from Florida. Before we meet up I need to work on baby shower stuff... I am helping host 2 baby showers (both friends are having girls!) and have some fun stuff to do to get ready!!! I can't believe school starts for the kids on Monday!!!!


Happy Hump Day

We had a great day today. Isabella went to bed pretty early last night and Dave and I actually slept in until 5:50 am!!! I worked hard getting school stuff ready and going to meetings. The day care teachers said that Isabella pretty much had a similar day at school. She cried off and on and got mad when they held other kids. Hopefully this is a short lived stage! I am really excited about the students starting school on Monday. I am teaching Economics and AP Macroeconomics. My department chair ordered a very expensive program called Economics Alive (fun, relevant, ready made lessons) that I am anxiously awaiting to arrive. I found out that one of my duty weeks starts Dec 14 (am due on Dec 15)...that should be interesting!


So much to update!

Well,a lot has happened since the last time I posted....We took a family trip to Idaho to visit April, Dave started his new job at his old job (Chenier). He is so happy and once again loves his job. He also really loves his co-workers. Isabella turned 1 and got baptized on the same weekend. We threw her a ladybug themed party. It was awesome.

The other big news....we found out we are having another little girl!!!! I have already started buying matching outfits for the 2 little girls. Isabella also now walks...across the room and everywhere...how exciting.

Isabella is 12 months old....she
- walks
- talks/ babbles all the time
- has moved from bottles to sippy cups
- drinks whole milk
- no longer eats baby food from the jars
- still LOVES ice cream!!!
- mimics us all the time
- can point to our eyes, nose, chin
- knows what a cow and sheep say
- has pooped in the bath tub twice when mommy was taking a bath with her
- Loves Barney and Elmo (especially Elmo Live)
- points all the time
- knows the sign for milk
- is back at daycare and is not happy about being away from mommy....or daddy...she also wants to be held the entire time and gets mad if her teachers A. hold another baby B. leave the room
- is the sweetest baby ever...and so cute!!!!
- her hair is getting pretty long...we have graduated from head band bows to bow clips
- is still wearing a size 3 shoe, but will be ready for a 4 very soon
- has Way too many clothes....but always looks adorable....her little sister will inherit a nice wardrobe!

I am 23 weeks pregnant....am due Dec 15th....Our last day of school before Christmas is Dec. 18th and so I am going to try to work up until the 18th....have run out of vacation from having a baby last school year...which is fine. I will take 6 weeks and am planning on going back around Feb 1st. Christa is getting married Jan 15th in the Smokey Mts and we plan on toting our 2 little ones with us so that April and Olivia can meet the new one.

I am back at work (went back last Thursday). The students come next Monday. I am really excited about this school year. I finished my masters in May and was able to relax all summer long!!!!!