It's Raing, It's Pouring....

Today was my last day of training for the 200 miles relay race I am participating in. It is called the Texas Independence Race. I have 4 4mile legs. Today half way through my run it started POURING raining...not a drizzle, but hard rain....I was fine...Today was one of those really good days. My assistant principal who appraises me to do his final walk through.
The seniors were finishing up their research on entitlement programs before they presented to the class. He went around and asked them questions. He later told me he thought the lesson was really good, he could tell the kids knew what they were presenting, and that he was impressed it was almost April and all the Seniors were working. I am just glad I don't have to worry about him coming in to do a full observation. Of course I teach everyday, but some lessons are better than others. I can't remember if I have written about going back to school or not. I was accepted into the Lamar University's Masters in Counseling Program. I start my first class April 9th. All the classes are taken one at a time for 5 weeks each. I am excited. I know it will be a lot of work (I am doing it all online), but really feel that is my calling. Teachers are natural counselors because kids come to us all the time to talk about their problems, questions about college, etc. The girls have been cute as usual. Sophia is going through a phase where she copies everything Isabella says. She is talking a lot more than in the past. They both are doing very well at school. They both love playing in the bathtub and finding matches with a puzzle they have. Isabella is very much into patterns. The teacher is super impressed. I am constantly in awe over the new words that come out of both of their mouths. The other day they were watching Puss and Boots. I asked Isabella what was happening. She said some character betrayed another character....I was like, wow...where did you learn the word betrayed?? It seems like all my facebook friends are pregnant. Everyone has had their first, but because many of us waited until our 30s, they are all having the next one sooner rather than later. I am happy for all of them!




Sophia Elise


Just received a phone call from Christa saying that Paige almost died tonight....She was in a Tahoe with her dad, step mom, 2 little sisters, and grandma and grandpa...A couple ran a red light...the Tahoe flipped 3 times...Thankfully an ambulance and fire truck happended to be at a gas station and saww the whole thing. Paige's step mother's dad has a gash, her grandma as glass in her arm. Everyone else is ok....Praise God....I just could not deal with anything happening to any of my family.....


Fast Friday

Friday was great....weather was beautiful...everyone was happy. We went to Red River BBQ on Mason...a really cool bbq joint with a great patio and the food is really good. I was good and had fish because it was a Friday, but really wanted a steak. The girls and a couple of kids were playing nicely. This one little boy who was Isabella's age was not playing nice in
the sand box. Everytime we looked over he was pushing and shoving kids for no reason. Sophia would just be sitting there and he would shove her. All the parents around were getting mad. So, when we were leaving I found the kid's parents (far away from the sandbox) to tell them nicely that their child was pushing and hitting other kids. They said thanks for telling them, but you could tell them they really didn't care. I think they were sitting far away because they knew their 3 year old was a bully. Today (Saturday) Dave had to go to Target and buy us another cover for our patio. We were stupid and didn't put our unbrella for the table down and it broke...(100.00 down the drain)..a few days later we had a bad rain/wind storm the whole pavillion flew away and broke (200.0 down the drain)....Dave says we have to wait a few weeks to buy another umbrella (so we can use our allowance)...he tried to fix the pavillion but it was beyond repair. He purchased another one today and spent all day putting it together. He is awesome...we just love having a patio...love it so much...and so do the girls....I can't wait to buy the girls a swing set. The one I am saving my allowance for is the one at Sams that is 800.00....expensive, but nice and the girls will use it almost everyday...







more spring break picts

Spring Break

Where shall I begin. Both the Wilcox and Wilson family decided we wanted to to Spring Break on the cheap. The original plan was to camp at soem point, but the weather was pretty awful a lot of the time...so we decided to visit family. Saturday, first stop, Christa's wonderful in-laws Marsha and Tim...they are so nice and fun...they didn't even freak out when Sophia
sharpied their brand new house's wall (which Brad thankfully got out!)...we had so much fun...and of course we will always have a special place in our heart for Brad's father Tim, because he saved Isabella from drowning in the pool 2 summers ago...he is and will always be our hero....next stop, Tyler, Texas to stay in mom and dad's apartment for a few days (Sun-Wed)...we too had a blast...although I don't think the guys were happy about visiting the Good Will (which is awesome) on the weekend it re-opened...I told Dave 'it is a good thing I don't have any decorating sense because I didn't buy anything)....actually I bought a cute 6.00 summer dress that I had to get Christa to agree it was cute:) We had a great time. We went out to my dad's companies's lake pavilion. It was fun.. The first night Christa and I decided to go to Fresh, which is Brookshires "Whole Foods...but better"... we wanted to buy stuff to cook for dinner...funny story...Of course we do not go in the store and say our dad in the vice-president of the company and runs the entire Super 1 Division...we are just 2 girls wanting to make chicken with a mushroom sauce...we find the poultry...8.00 a pound...heck no were we going to pay that...2 of the meat guys (I think managers) noticed our conversation and came tp see of we meeded help. Christa wanted to know where the cheap chicken was. He said the cheapest was the Brookshire brand at 4.00 a pound...so we agreed to buy the adults the good chicken and wanted to know where we could get the cheap chicken for the kids...the guy was super nice and said the bag chicken was on aisle....I told Christa, "that is what we want for everyone...frozen chicken breast in a bag"...we then found it, continued shopping, I started lookinf for a sippy cup (because of course I left all of them at home..the cheapest was 10.00....nope...I bougt apple juice boxes instead)...we bought an awesome key lime pie from the bakery for 9.99. We found our self back to the meat section, across looking at the 'good cheese" because Brad like cheese....we were going back in fourth for a few minutes trying to decide what to buy...the same guys saw us and thought we were looking once again at something we couldn't afford...so he was nice and said, "hey do you want me to tell you the aisle the "other cheese" is on....it was so funny....he was tryig to be nice...we just aren't snobs and watch our money....and Fresh is expensive...we ordered the girls 2 corndogs outside and it rang up to 12.00...Dave and I were like, uh...just 1...well it ended up being 5 mini gourmet corndogs with an awesome sauce. We left Tyler and headed to Dallas to visit Brad's twin brother Brian, his wife Betthnay, and their cute little boy Andrew. We had a blast....Then we came home to reality and back to work:) the interesting news is that I have decided to get my masters in counseling...I found a program that is 12 classes, 18 months...I feel this is my calling...we shall see.



Girls...what have they been up to...

Isabella is 3 and she - is hilarous...has the cutest sense of humor...she told me today "are you kidding me girl"...I asked her how much she loved molly our puppy, she said "3 miles" - loves workbooks...I have been buying her 3-5 and kindergarden books...we work them together, she matches things, does pattersn.... - her teacher told me the other day how impressed
she was with an activity they did...all the kids did basic, Isabella made a pattern... - still "LOVES to wear SKIRTS" - is doing well on our ticket reward system - is trying to help me potty train Sophia - I asked her what she loves most about school "Sam...her best friend Samantha...the friend who taught her the song Low"...they are like cagney and lacey - still doesn't eat a lot - on the verge of being able to do chores - Loves the reading flash cards...she recognizes letters - tortures poor Molly - loves bubble baths - "Isabella what do you love?" Christmas, mom, dad, Sophia, me.... Sophia- 27 months.. - so smart....too smart...tries to play us and pretend she doesn't hear us - still not a big eater - still in diapers...pees and poops every once in a while..you know she is ready when she will just call for you and lay down and say she wants a diaper change - moody in the morning - loves Molly....a lot - loves "chockie"...."chocolate milk" - gets mad if we pick her up past 5 pm at daycare (I don't blame her) - loves walking on higher stuff (bricks, etc)...like a little balancer - looks adorable in her piggy tales...cries the whole time but then kisses me and says cute when the are done - LOVES her big sister


Lazy day in bed....

Dave took Isabella to school and Sophia and I stayed home (she can't go back to school until tomorrow)...The cleaning lady came around 8 am...we stayed in my bed until around 10:30...I then got us dressed and asked if she could clean our room/ bathroom while we headed out for a couple of errands....she was awesome...said, it will be done in 30 minutes...so Sophia and
I had to CVS to get her medicine and run to Academy to buy sleeping bags for our upcoming camping trip. The rest of the day she and I literraly stayed in bed and slept....it was sooo nice....she and I both needed it (I have a sinus headache...and am just plain exhausted from everything going on)...not that I am complaining...Tomorrow I don't have any students because we have taks testing...I just give teachers breaks...then 2 more days until a week off...life is good... Sophia is getting a little better...she has a runny nose...and slight fever...she slept all day and then when I was making dinner I gave her pots to play in....she then followed Molly outside from the doggy door....crazy...


What a day...

Dave went and worked out and then went straight to work...I have traded days so I can run after school. Today didn't go as planned....Isabella was fine, Sophia was not...she was hot and kept crying...I knew she was sick...but I had to go to work...so I gave her motrin, dropped them off and felt bad...had my cell phone on loud ring expecting a phone call all day....bu
t it never came...so I left school, went to Christa's to pick up Molly and then was headed to pick up the girls...Dave couldn't understand why I didn't go run and then pick the girls up...I said, because I want to grab Sophia before the call and one of us has to take off of work...I pick Molly up, am not on the highway for a few minutes when Dave says, "Gooddard School called, Sophia has a 101 temp"....uhhhh...sooo close!!! Dave can't take off, I have taken off waaaay too much....but it is me...Dave will bring Isabella to school and Sophia and I will be in bed all day...the cleaning lady comes which is good and bad....good that we will have a clean house...bad because I hate being at home with the cleaning lazy because I feel guilty...and lazy...but I work soooo hard and clean, but we hire her to deep clean...so Isabella and I shall stay in my bed all day, getting better.....life is good....Spring Break starts Friday...the plan is to go to Brad's parents on Saturday for a bbq...spend the night, get up early and drive to Lake Livingston and camp...then visit my parents for 2 days in Tyler, then go to Dallas to visit Brad's brother, sister in law, and baby...then back home...Life is good....great.....so greate...we are blessed more than ever!!!