Our baby is the size of a peach...How exciting!  I have gained 6 pounds in my first 12 weeks...I need to do better the second trimester!  I am trying to be very appreciative towards this pregnancy because it will be the last time I am ever pregnant!  I would love to have 4 kids, but I just can't go through another pregnancy.

Yesterday I found out via facebook that my parents are going to the Super Bowl this weekend in New Orleans...how cool is that!  The 49ers are playing the Ravens...should be a good game.  I am grateful that it is not a team that always goes.  New blood is good!  We are going to a crawfish boil at our friends house to celebrate.

Yesterday was great.  I picked the girls up and we stopped by Target and the girls decided  they wanted  waffles for dinner...they were sooo good...Poor Dave, he got home at 7 and I was in bed by 7:30...I don't have the extreme exhaustion that plagued me up until a week ago, but after waking up at 5 am and going all day, by the time 7 comes, I am beat....


Hump Day

This week has been great....so very productive!!! The girls were in great moods yesterday.  Dave got  home at a decent hour and we spent quality family time together.  It never ceases to amaze me how lucky I am to have him as a husband and a father to our children....I know it sounds cheesy but every night he puts the girls to bed.  He makes sure to have special one on one time with each girl.  He and Isabella will read one of her Dick and Jane books and then he goes over some of Sophia's ABC books...He has so much patience.  They love the quality time.  What is nice is that since I pick the girls up, feed, and bath them (usually before he gets home), the time he spends putting them to bed allows me some free time to relax before we go to sleep and start all over.



Second day of the work week...I have started my countdown.  I told my boss yesterday that Dave and I have decided that next year I will be a stay at home mom.  I feel bad because this job is awesome.  The people I work with are wonderful and the kids are AWESOME!!! She was very sweet and understanding.  I assured her that I would never have applied for the job if I would have known it would only be for one year.  I am just really grateful and excited that we are in the position financially that this is now an option.  I can't wait to walk Isabella to school.  I am really grateful that the entire household will not have to wake up at 5 or 5:30 am everyday.  The extra sleep will be nice for all of us.  Dave is excited that he will be able to get up at a decent time and only have to worry about getting himself ready.

27 working days until Spring Break, 82 work days....whooohooo!!!

Yesterday I went and did a little shopping.  The girls needed clothes and so I hit up Carters and got a ton of cute stuff for cheap...they were excited...I got them matching outfits, but surprisingly Isabella wanted to match this morning, but Sophia did not want to.  She is a pretty independent little girl!  I also picked up a few things for myself.  My stomach is starting to pooch out.

When the girls and I were pulling into the driveway around 5:45 there were 2 sketchy guys going from house to house selling cleaning products...some kind of cleaning spray.  I was aggravated because I hate having strangers solicit our neighborhood...I even have a sign outside our door bell.

Anyway, today should be a great day...my kids are working on federalism projects the next couple of days...that means I can grade, plan, and work on graduate work...life is great!



Today was a lazy Sunday. Poor Dave didn't feel great but he went to Church with the girls and I.  I was wearing a cute dress I got at Goodwill and the girls both wore the dresses I bought them yesterday at Goodwill...We ate Subway after church....Dave has been on his Subway kick since the New Year...He has lost about 12 pounds...He never got fat and is not fat, but he just wanted to lose the extra holiday pounds...I just can't eat Subway all the time....I am going to go grocery shopping in a little while.  I have been trying to cook as much as possible!

4 spares 1 strike

Isabella got 4 spares and I got one strike when we went bowling!

Yesterday was great.  We took the girls to lunch at Red Oak Grill on Mason Rd.  It is a cafe that has American and Mediterranean food.  I forget how good the food is and how reasonable the prices are.  We definitely need to got back more.  We then stopped next door to buy 2 birthday presents for next weekend. Dave picked up the girls some sight word flashcards.

After that we headed bowling.  It was around 1 pm by this time and the girls started showing signs of (I need a nap)...we decided to chug ahead...which maybe was a mistake...ok, it was...We showed up at the new Main Event, paid almost 50.00 for an hour of bowling and was told we had to wait until there was a lane open.  The girls were starting to crack by this time.  They wanted to play the video games...Dave and I both had 1.00 cash together.  He went to see if they could play anything...nope..to play the games you had to buy a game card...the minimum game card was 20.00...nope...not going to do that after we just spent 50.00 to bowl...what a cash cow!!

After about 20 minutes they called our names.  They electronically set it up so that when it was Sophia and Isabella's turn the bumpers came out.  Also, they were able to use a device that they could just roll the ball down.  Sophia lasted about 5 minutes...and then she was done....way done...big temper tantrum and everything.  That will teach us to mess with their naps!!! Dave took Sophia to the car and Isabella and I finished the 7 rounds we still had.  I played for Dave and Isabella played for Sophia.  We actually had fun.

Isabella and I snuck over to the new Goodwill Select they built right next door.  I got a few maternity shirts, couple of dresses for the girls and a piece of luggage for Dave...score!  Later that evening Danny and Ashlee came over for a visit.  Poor Dave had a few too many drinks and is paying for it this morning.

Today we are probably going to take it easy.  Probably go to church and then hit up HEB.  I need to figure out some more good crock pot recipes!

One more exciting piece of news....Dave and I booked a spring break getaway with Christa and Brad...it will be our adult babymoon trip.  We are going during Spring Break to San Francisco and seeing parts of the Pacific Coast.  We are going to drive to Tyler to drop the girls off at my parents house and then fly out of Dallas.  We are super excited.  I feel bad that my in-laws can't keep the girls this time around, but we have the same spring break as Austin and my mother in law has to work so the workers with kids can take off..I get that...I am sure this will not be our last adults only trip!!!! .My mom is really excited about watching the girls and already has a ton of crafts and other things for them to do.  We are sooo lucky and grateful!!!


Yea its the weekend!!!

So happy its Saturday morning.  Yesterday was great.  I stood on my feet more than usual so when the girls and I got home we were exhausted.  Christa and Tara invited us to meet them at City Center, but I knew I was too exhausted.  Dave didn't get home from work until 7.  The girls did a craft and then we took it easy and the girls watched movies in my bed.

Today we want to take the girls bowling...Hopefully that works out!!!


Twin ultrasounds...

Yesterday was awesome....so good!!! I was so worried about Christa because starting Wednesday she had the worst cramps...They were so painful.  She ended up scheduling an appointment with our dr. at 3 pm on Thursday.  Dave and I had our appointment at 4...We have the best dr!  He let me come in so that I could have a doppler and to show me I was pretty much in the clear.  I  got their early so I was able to go in with Christa and see her ultrasound.  She is 15 weeks...it was soo cute...Then Dave and I got to hear the baby from the outside and then they let me have an 11 week ultrasound...It was awesome.  The baby looks great.

I felt bad because I didn't pick up the girls until almost 6:30.  It was dark outside.  I am glad we rarely do that.  They were super excited to hear about the baby.  We came home and the girls did a craft (made visors).  Funny story....Christa gave us Will's old bunk beds for the girls.  We use them as twin beds.  One of the beds only has a box spring.  Poor Sophia has slept on a box spring for all this time.  Dave and I keep meaning to buy her a twin mattress.  Dave found one on Amazon for around 180.00.  We saw one at Sam's for the same price.  We agreed to just have it shipped for free from Amazon...well, we just kept forgetting to order it.  So, Dave had a little free time before the dr appointment yesterday and went to the Sears outlet where we got our memory foam mattress.  I thought we could find a regular twin mattress for around 99.00.

At the appointment he told me he bought Sophia a mattress....I said, how much...300....He bought her a memory foam twin mattress...I was like, really!! You bought her a fancy mattress!! What if Isabella now wants a memory foam mattress:) haha...He said he forgot we found the one online for cheap...He offered to take it back, but I said, don't worry...poor girl deserves a good nights sleep.

The funny thing is that the last few nights Isabella has woke up in the middle of the night and asked Sophia to come sleep in her bed because she is scared.  It is so cute waking them up and seeing them sleep in the same bed.  I laugh because Sophia has snuck into Isabella's bed a few times and Isabella was so dramatic about it...How things change:)

I am so happy today is Friday.  We don't really have anything big planned..We never finished putting back stuff from the carpet instillation ..I guess that should be something we work on.  I was thinking I wanted to take the girls bowling.  They have never been and probably would have a good time!!!


Sophia has her first sight word book!!!

Isabella has been doing so well with her sight word books at school.  Sophia came home with her first one.  I can't believe my "little bit" is getting to be a "big bit"...well not in size, but she is getting more mature every day.

Today was great.  We had a practice lock down drill at school.  Kind of scary to think we have to do this.  We practice covering door, locking door, and keeping quiet with all the lights out...The rest of the day went off without a hitch.  I went to pick up Isabella first at school.  It was so cute.  She was sitting around a table with 4 other kids and the teacher was teaching a lesson.  Isabella was so engaged.  She loves school.  I decided to go get Sophia so Isabella could finish.  Sophia was in a super cute mood.  Outside I tried to get the girls to stand next to each other for a picture and Isabella refused...Sophia loves hugging her sister!

We got home and the girls colored a little craft.  I tried another crock pot meal and it turned out terrible.  Good thing we had leftovers from the AWESOME beef stroganoff...it was so good that the girls and I ate it for dinner last night, lunch today, and then again for dinner...

We went upstairs and played for a little while.  Life is good.    


Terrific Tuesday...

Wow...days back after a long weekend are hard...but today was good.  I had the worst headache the last couple of days and have been drinking water like it is going out of style.  I have had dehydration issues with this pregnancy so I am trying to be good about making myself drink water.  I left work and stopped by hobby lobby to pick up a couple of crafts for the girls to do.  I feel so guilty not being with them for so long that when they get home I want them to have something fun to do.  (although they do have a million toys to play with).  I picked the girls up, ran home and set them up so I could attend a webinar for my counseling class.  They were little angels.  Tonight we had beef stroganoff for dinner.  I pinned a page of crock pot freezer meals.  Yesterday I made the meatloaf recipe and it was terrible.  I was nervous about the one today....but, it turned out REALLY good....so easy, sooo good!!!  I cooked the frozen concoction on low for 8 hours and then it went to warmer.

Beef Stroganoff
1/2 cup minced onion
1/4 cup butter
1 lb. stew beef
1/8 t paprika
2 cups chopped mushrooms
3/4 cup sour cream
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup cream cheese
1 t. salt
1 t. pepper

Mix sour cream, cream cheese and mushroom soup in small bowl.  Add all ingredients to a large freezer bag, toss well to coat and freeze.  When ready place ingredients in crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours.  Serve over hot noodles or cooked white rice. 

The next few days should be good....my students are testing so I will be able to catch up on school work!  My goal is to get as much done before the weekend!


I'm back!!!

Ok, so unfortunately I haven't been able to post in quite some time.  The reason is that my system is outdated and my blogger was not working.  I couldn't post and upload picts.  Dave figured a fix for me, so that will be good news for family and friends who want  to see picts of the girls:)

Nothing crazy going on around here.  We got new carpet which I am excited about.  The carpet was in pristine condition when we bought the house, but it was a very light color and lots of red koolaid (and some red wine)...dog accidents, etc and just plain wear and tear.  We got a much darker color that is forgiving:)

I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday.  I have to admit the exhaustion has been crazy.  I spent all day Saturday in bed.  I am not complaining because any pregnancy symptom is a relief:)  Christa had a 15 week appointment today...looks like it will probably be a girl.  I love their top girl names (Charlotte, Emily, Caroline).  Dave and I think we will probably also have another girl.  We have no clue for girl names.  A lot of the names we like have been taken by other family members:)

I just started another counseling class...this one is ethics and the law.  Life is good!

A little update on the girls....

Isabella is getting more mature every day.  She reads Dick and Jane books.  She is very smart and witty.  She always knows what is going on around her and has started asking us lots of questions about everything.

Sophia is getting big.  She moved to a new classroom.  Every day I pick her up she wants me to hold her up so she can wave to her old teacher and all the friends she left behind...she is a ham...She loves being a class clown.  She has been dancing like crazy.  She really wants me to put her in dance.  I need to just do it:)