Rain rain go away...

It has been very wet in Houston the last few days....weird weather.  Not too much new here.  Just work and school for the girls, Dave, and I.  The girls have been cute as always.  They love showing their yoga moves.  Their daycare has a new system they are implementing.  Most of the fancy daycares have video cameras in the class for parents to watch. The girls school have decided to implement a program where teachers take pictures and videos and you can get an app to check them out.  We are excited about the new program.

Since the last few days have been rainy and I am just getting over a cold, I have been craving soup.  There is a new fusion noodle house by our house. The first time we ate there, I was not that impressed...Unfortunately I went yesterday to try their Pho....same disappointment.  I decided I wanted some good Pho so I went tonight to try pho at a restaurant on I-10...much better!!!

Tomorrow Dave and I are both taking the day off from work...I am very nervous.  We have a dr appointment where we get an ultrasound to check on the baby...this pregnancy seems to be better than the last, but having a miscarriage has really put a damper on everything...I am worried and nervous.  I am nine weeks today and definitely have many more pregnancy symptoms compared to last time....Prayers that everything is fine!!!

Friday we are having our new carpet installed...I am super excited!!! Life is great!

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