Twin ultrasounds...

Yesterday was awesome....so good!!! I was so worried about Christa because starting Wednesday she had the worst cramps...They were so painful.  She ended up scheduling an appointment with our dr. at 3 pm on Thursday.  Dave and I had our appointment at 4...We have the best dr!  He let me come in so that I could have a doppler and to show me I was pretty much in the clear.  I  got their early so I was able to go in with Christa and see her ultrasound.  She is 15 weeks...it was soo cute...Then Dave and I got to hear the baby from the outside and then they let me have an 11 week ultrasound...It was awesome.  The baby looks great.

I felt bad because I didn't pick up the girls until almost 6:30.  It was dark outside.  I am glad we rarely do that.  They were super excited to hear about the baby.  We came home and the girls did a craft (made visors).  Funny story....Christa gave us Will's old bunk beds for the girls.  We use them as twin beds.  One of the beds only has a box spring.  Poor Sophia has slept on a box spring for all this time.  Dave and I keep meaning to buy her a twin mattress.  Dave found one on Amazon for around 180.00.  We saw one at Sam's for the same price.  We agreed to just have it shipped for free from Amazon...well, we just kept forgetting to order it.  So, Dave had a little free time before the dr appointment yesterday and went to the Sears outlet where we got our memory foam mattress.  I thought we could find a regular twin mattress for around 99.00.

At the appointment he told me he bought Sophia a mattress....I said, how much...300....He bought her a memory foam twin mattress...I was like, really!! You bought her a fancy mattress!! What if Isabella now wants a memory foam mattress:) haha...He said he forgot we found the one online for cheap...He offered to take it back, but I said, don't worry...poor girl deserves a good nights sleep.

The funny thing is that the last few nights Isabella has woke up in the middle of the night and asked Sophia to come sleep in her bed because she is scared.  It is so cute waking them up and seeing them sleep in the same bed.  I laugh because Sophia has snuck into Isabella's bed a few times and Isabella was so dramatic about it...How things change:)

I am so happy today is Friday.  We don't really have anything big planned..We never finished putting back stuff from the carpet instillation ..I guess that should be something we work on.  I was thinking I wanted to take the girls bowling.  They have never been and probably would have a good time!!!

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