I'm back!!!

Ok, so unfortunately I haven't been able to post in quite some time.  The reason is that my system is outdated and my blogger was not working.  I couldn't post and upload picts.  Dave figured a fix for me, so that will be good news for family and friends who want  to see picts of the girls:)

Nothing crazy going on around here.  We got new carpet which I am excited about.  The carpet was in pristine condition when we bought the house, but it was a very light color and lots of red koolaid (and some red wine)...dog accidents, etc and just plain wear and tear.  We got a much darker color that is forgiving:)

I will be 11 weeks on Wednesday.  I have to admit the exhaustion has been crazy.  I spent all day Saturday in bed.  I am not complaining because any pregnancy symptom is a relief:)  Christa had a 15 week appointment today...looks like it will probably be a girl.  I love their top girl names (Charlotte, Emily, Caroline).  Dave and I think we will probably also have another girl.  We have no clue for girl names.  A lot of the names we like have been taken by other family members:)

I just started another counseling class...this one is ethics and the law.  Life is good!

A little update on the girls....

Isabella is getting more mature every day.  She reads Dick and Jane books.  She is very smart and witty.  She always knows what is going on around her and has started asking us lots of questions about everything.

Sophia is getting big.  She moved to a new classroom.  Every day I pick her up she wants me to hold her up so she can wave to her old teacher and all the friends she left behind...she is a ham...She loves being a class clown.  She has been dancing like crazy.  She really wants me to put her in dance.  I need to just do it:)

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