Don't Break the Ice

This is the game we played with the girls tonight. They had a blast. Everything is great. Saturday we went and had dinner at our nice neighbors' house....the food was amazing! We sat on the back porch and had a great time. Sunday and Monday we took it easy and I (and Dave (and Christa) ) worked on the business. Today the girls went to daycare and I got a ton done. Cleaned, cooked, relaxed, and ran errands. We talked to Dave's parents about the Tahoe trip. We are super excited about going to Lake Tahoe with Dave's mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law. It should be a great trip:)

Tonight we are watching The Voice...it is such a GOOD show!!!!! Tomorrow I take Sophia for her 18 month appointment and hopefully will be able to visit my friend who just had twin girls!


Friday in June

Today was productive....very productive...Christa and I worked most of the day on our business....we are making great progress...Our party packs are really going to be elegant. Today we made a wishing tree and paper tissue balls for the girl baby shower. We then met good friends at Yard House for dinner.

Few cute tidbits about the girls....

Sophia LOVES waving at everyone...she does it all day long. Isabella is so mature for her age. She tells me "mom you aren't supposed to leave me alone when I am using the bathroom"....or, "mom, we can put away my pink potty since I tee-tee on the big potty now"... We are working with Isabella not using pull ups at night...she only uses one a day and it it at night...she immediately wakes up and uses the bathroom and wears big girl panties the rest of the day....we are so proud of her.

We also found out the girls' picture is in one of the small Katy Relocation magazines. Last 4th of July we went to La Centerra in our neighborhood for the fireworks and celebration. We went with the little girl across the street and her family. I remember dressing the girls in cute white dresses....a photographer took a picture of the three girls and asked their names...I guess the picture is now appearing...I can't wait to see it!

Old West Picture

The funny story is that before the picture was taken, Sophia had been sick and very hard....Just not feeling well...a few days later, she started feeling better so the kids wanted to take this photo. Sophia was the first one to be dressed...they sat her on the barrel with the money bag and hat...she was awesome...just sat there as people passed and laughed about how cute she looked....


Back in daycare

Today was the first day the girls went back to daycare since a couple of weeks. They go on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we are in town. They had a blast at school and were super excited to play with their daddy when he got home...some of the things we have been up to lately:

Monday- rested from trip
Tuesday- Christa, Will, the girls and I drove to Alexandria, LA (where we grew up) and spent the night with a childhood friend....we had a great time catching up.
Wednesday- night our good friends Melissa and Brandon invited us over for a sushi party. Brandon fishes and when he catches lots of fresh tuna, they hold a party...it was fun...
Today- ran the roads for the business while the girls were at home...made dream dinners this morning....and then we all played at night...the girls were both showing us their yoga poses:)

Party In A Pinch

Christa and I are starting a small business. We are passionate about entertaining. We love throwing parties...and we are good at it. We realize that the average "nice" party runs several hundred dollars on up. Many people don't want to just rely on the typical party store for decorations. So....we came up with Party in a Pinch....a party pack rental business. Basically we build party packs based on themes (girl baby shower, boy baby shower, birthday parties, wine tasting, beer tasting, wedding shower, etc). 80-90% of the items will be rental, the rest will be our disposables (party favors, picks, thank-you notes)...The packs will include decorations, suggested menus, picture and directions on how to set up party, table cloths, plates, napkins, etc....Why would someone want to rent a party pack?

The fabric pictures are examples of the quality we will use...we did not buy these specific ones...although I like the yellow bird for an engagement party:)

1. convience (not having to go from store to store buying stuff for a party
2. the party packs have nice items (think pottery barn party)
3. they are cute

So, we are giving it a go.....wish us luck:)