Friday in June

Today was productive....very productive...Christa and I worked most of the day on our business....we are making great progress...Our party packs are really going to be elegant. Today we made a wishing tree and paper tissue balls for the girl baby shower. We then met good friends at Yard House for dinner.

Few cute tidbits about the girls....

Sophia LOVES waving at everyone...she does it all day long. Isabella is so mature for her age. She tells me "mom you aren't supposed to leave me alone when I am using the bathroom"....or, "mom, we can put away my pink potty since I tee-tee on the big potty now"... We are working with Isabella not using pull ups at night...she only uses one a day and it it at night...she immediately wakes up and uses the bathroom and wears big girl panties the rest of the day....we are so proud of her.

We also found out the girls' picture is in one of the small Katy Relocation magazines. Last 4th of July we went to La Centerra in our neighborhood for the fireworks and celebration. We went with the little girl across the street and her family. I remember dressing the girls in cute white dresses....a photographer took a picture of the three girls and asked their names...I guess the picture is now appearing...I can't wait to see it!

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