I love crafts

this time this is Isabella...she LOVES crafts...I bought her and Sophia a few from Michael's...what a mess...I need to find a good blog that has fun, easy crafts for one and two year olds. Today they painted sun catchers (then Sophia started painting herself. After a bath they made masks and then played with clay (Isabella decided she doesn't like clay)....I am going to do my best to come up with good crafts for the kids and I....they are awesome and I am blessed!!!!

Isabella moves up to her new room tomorrow. Today was my last day of work until August 11th I think....I am super happy. I will do a little work during the summer, but not much:)


The Rodriguez Family said...

I know Parents magazine usually has fun crafts for kids. What would also be fun is some games. There are some fun ones out there that also promote learning :)

The Wilcox's said...

sounds like a good idea! I will check it out:)