We are a nation of immigrants!!!!

I had something come up today....which I may or may not talk about later in my blog....anyway, I was looking at my past work in my class and came across a cookbook I had my 9th grade World Geography students contribute to. I found the Tiramisu that I love from Michelle...

1 Sarah Lee Pound Cake (found in frozen section)
1/3 cup chocolate icing
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 package creme cheese
1/2 cup brewed coffee
cool whip

Cut the Sarah Lee pound cake into slices. Lay it flat in a dish. Pour the coffee all over the pound cake. In a separate bowl, mix the chocolate icing, powdered sugar, creme cheese and 1 cup cool whip. (I usually use the soft icing and creme cheese because it mixes easier). Spread this all over the pound cake. Top the dessert with cool whip. Chill before serving!

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