Don't Break the Ice

This is the game we played with the girls tonight. They had a blast. Everything is great. Saturday we went and had dinner at our nice neighbors' house....the food was amazing! We sat on the back porch and had a great time. Sunday and Monday we took it easy and I (and Dave (and Christa) ) worked on the business. Today the girls went to daycare and I got a ton done. Cleaned, cooked, relaxed, and ran errands. We talked to Dave's parents about the Tahoe trip. We are super excited about going to Lake Tahoe with Dave's mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law. It should be a great trip:)

Tonight we are watching The Voice...it is such a GOOD show!!!!! Tomorrow I take Sophia for her 18 month appointment and hopefully will be able to visit my friend who just had twin girls!

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