Cows on the side of the lake

Dave and I spent this past weekend at our friends Barry and Nicole's lake house in Austin. Melissa and Brandon and Danny and Ashlee also joined us. Dave's parents were so excited to have Isabella for the weekend, and we were so glad to have adult time. We had the best time water skiing in Lake Travis and visiting a winery. While we were on the lake we passed a ton of cows grazing right next to it....I have never seen cows next to a lake....only in Texas! I went back to work on Monday and Isabella went to Tiger Trails for the first time. She seems to like it and has even participated in activities! Monday she finger painted.....too funny...a 6 week old! She looks so cute everyday because I doll her up from head to tow (bows, tennis shoes) I think she is the best dressed little girl at daycare. I am back at work and really enjoying it. I was sad about leaving Isabella, but really enjoy being around adults and being on a schedule. I have been doing really well working on getting my baby weight off. Christa and I have been running 3 miles everyday after school in the neighborhood next to Spring Woods High. We then pick up our kids. It is really weird to say I have to pick up my child!!!!


Hurrican Ike

It has been a while since I updated the blog. I a lot has happened. Isabella is getting so big. I don't think she has colic anymore. We had a couple of bad nights, but overall she is a great baby. Dave and I decided to ride out hurricane IKE in Houston. That was a stupid idea. Between 3 am- 6 am I was scared out of my mind. The winds were blowing so bad that I made Dave and Isabella go with me and sleep on the floor in the hall. Our bed has a window right behind it and I kept thinking it was going to blow out. We lost power around 3 am. The next day we decided to head to Austin and stay with Dave's brother Danny and his wife until we had air. We stayed until Monday and then came home to power! We still don't have Internet or cable, but are fortunate because some people don't have power. There is a city wide curfew between 9 pm and 6 am every day until Saturday. The gas lines are so long (hours and hours wait time). I went to the grocery store (HEB) and they were running on generators....no cold food. My school district canceled classes all week, just in time for me to go back on Monday. Dave and I took Isabella for a walk the last couple of days in her new jogging stroller.



Isabella is getting so big. I think (Dave doesn't) that Isabella might have colic. She seems to get really fussy in the evening. I know it maybe gas, but sometimes she seems unhappy....anyway, having a baby is the most wonderful experience ever. I am really enjoying these last few days at home I have with her. I am having to do lots of school work (high school and graduate) but try and do it when she is sleeping....(which is most of the day). Dave and I have been playing baby cds for her...she really likes those. She seems to really be filling out and getting bigger. Dave stuck his tongue out at her a few times yesterday and she did it back...it was too cute:)


Polka Dots and Gustavo

Isabella and I are just hanging out at home recovering from an eventful Labor Day weekend. I have been dying to put her in this pink and brown hair bow and decided to take pictures of her. It is still a bit big, but she is so cute!!! Dave and I went to Breaux Bridge from Friday to Sunday. Hurricane Gustavo was the big news story. Michelle, Morgan, Abigail, and her two dogs evacuated to our house Sunday, Monday, and left this morning. It was a very nice weekend visiting with the family. Dave is at work and I am trying to get things done around the house. I really look foward to when he gets off work every night!!!