Happy Halloween!!!

Today was great....girls had party at school.....this evening our good friends Lance and Tara went trick or treating with us in our neighborhood...Tara lost her grandmother last night....please keep them in your prayers....her kids were cute, our kids were cute...got lots of goodies....our girls even got a "I am a sinner card"...I was like ...really....when I saw it
tonight....Today was interesting....Christa had a colonoscopy...they found 2 polops...one tney think is pre-cancerous...which means I will probably go and get myself checked...good time...I am just grateful she found it at 33 and not 53....life is good:) Sophia made a ghost mobile...so cute!


Nope...I'm not going to apologize....

Sophia is in a hitting stage...she keeps hitting all of us....Today she hit Isabella...we told her to go to the corner...she cried and went...about a minute later we told her she could come out if she apologized, she said nope and put herself back in the corner....

Treasure Box

Today was good....Yesterday before we left for the festival, my car wouldn't start....we thought we would have to deal with that this morning....we woke up this morning and after a few tries, the car started....fingers crossed it will be good this week...this week of all weeks shall be crazy....We went to my friend Diana's house to watch the Texans game....the Saints
lost to a team that had not won a single time...boo dat! Anyway, Diana was so sweet and made the girls Halloween baskets. This evening Dave made bread (I think he is back on the bread kick)...and Isabella wanted to do a craft...I couldn't figure out anything, and then went into the garage and found a box....we decided to decorate it and call it a treasure box...the girls had a blast! I am super sad that a good friend of mine lost her grandmother tonight...she was very close...please keep her in your prayers...they are good people.... Here is why my week will be crazy- Monday- Halloween Tuesday- mom flies in Wednesday- Tiger Fest-- in charge of ...will be at school until probably 8 pm Thrusday- Dance Friday- drive to Breaux Bridge Saturday- tail gate/ go to ULL game Sunday- drive home Monday- start it over again......

Zigenbach Festival

Saturday my niece Paige and her friend watched the girls so that Dave, Christa, Brad, Tom, and I could go to the festival....16 bands were featured....we had a great time...the weather was AWESOME!!!!! The girls gave Paige and Elizabeth make-overs:)



pumpkin time

At the end of our eventful day, we carved a pumpkin for Halloween. The girls had a great time. Dave drew the picture, I carved, and the girls with the help of Dave pulled out the seeds...Dave then took the seeds and is roasting them:) He also made brea with the girls!

dr visit

Today was the big day...Sophia's doctor's visit....We both ended up taking off of work and keeping both girls with us. The visit went really well...The doctor was so nice. She measured Sopia and the good news is she is back on the height chart (3rd percentile)....Her main concern is Sophia's weight...She said we really need to give her as many calories as possible.
She went ahead and ran a few more tests, but ultimately it is the weight....We will see her again in 6 months... After the doctor visit, we took the girls to Steak and Shake for Lunch....this was my first time....I was not all that impressed....it was really cheap but the food was ok...we then took the girls to see the new movie Puss and Boots....Dave and Isabellla loved it... (Sophia and I fell asleep during most of it)....We are going to take it easy for the rest of the day....carve a pumpkin with the girls....save our energy for the mustic festival tomorrow!!!! It has gotten sooo cold!!!

Dance class

Today was a pretty good day...I have had a cold the last few days but am kind of stating to feel better....my throat hurts...anyway, I was supposed to take half the day off tomorrow to take Sophia to the the endocrinologist tomorrow at 1....they called me on my way home from work and said I needed to come earlier (I guess they had some type of scheduling conflict)...so now I am taking the full day off. Today was the first time parents got to watch the girls dance...Isabella was super cute and did a great job....She was the smallest out of all of them...she even said that on her own when we were watching the video. We got information about the recital...It is May 26 and all of the costs (costume, building, etc) is 140.00.....of course we are going to pay for her to be in it....she will be a doll!!! She did a great job, but did not know every move...I am wondering if her missing one class made a huge difference or if she is just like her mom and not very coordinated.....either way she looked cute and had a ball.


Long day

Dave picked up the girls so that I could get my hair done...my friend suggested a very reasonable place to close to our house...I have decided to give up on box die....my hair just looked too orange...

Economic indicator project

My students' economic indicator projects were due today...they had to research 3 countries (rich, middle, poor) and create a visual....with symbolisms....Some of them did an AWESOME job...


Cute little family

Best part of the day...coming home to my cute family....the girls are awesome...Dave is awesome...I didn't get home until almost 8 and Dave had everything taken care of.....He rocks!!!! Today was Isabella's picture day (Sophia had hers yesterday)...unfortunately Dave wasn't able to snatch a picture...I didn't dress Sophia up today because yesterday was her day, but apparently they took a picture of both of them today. My poor sister...she still is sick....they still don't know what is wrong with her...her blood work came back normal, so hopefully we will have good news soon....she is super stressed, and I am trying to calm her down.... Christa promised Isabella prize if she slept in her big girl bed....she was so good all week until last night...and then of course Christa brings the prize (new pjs) to school today...Isabella was SO excited...I told her she could only wear them if she did not go in our bed tonight!

Home Alone

Corrin had a parent's open house tonight so it was up to me to pick them up, feed them, get their stuff unpacked, pack their lunches, give them baths, etc... In other words, I had to do everything Corrin usually does. It was a piece of cake (we'll see if she reads this)...

Weekend Update

Was able to finally take a few photos on the iPad this weekend. They'll probably become more frequent when I upgrade iPhones (better camera and all). The first two photos are Corrin and the girls being cute. The last is just of the girls. Times are good...


Where do I begin....

Sophia's memorable moment of the day "Sophia was so cute today. While she was eating breakfast this morning her friend Natalie went and stood next to her. Sophia grabbed a few of her chex mix and started feeding her:) Great sharing skills:) That was the high....among others....When I picked Isabella up she could not see me...she was acting up with the teach
er....she knew she was in trouble...today is the 3rd day in the last 2 weeks she acted up.....bascially she won't eat her lunch and then after nap she is hungry. Christa did not go to work today because she was so sick...she has been having stomach issues for weeks...she went to see a gastrologist (sp?)...She is going to have a colonoscopy on Monday....I think she has an infection or something....she is freaking, but the dr doesn't not seemed as alarmed.... The good news for Sophia is that she finally got an appointment with Pediatric Endochronologist.....We go on Friday at 1 pm...It was one of those things they call you and tell you when the appointment is....got to love supply and demand:) Tomorrow I am going to have a long day....It is report card pick up....Wednesday I am going to have my hair done...I have been doing the box dye for quite some time but I hate it....I told Dave I will cut back in other ways, but I want my hair to look cute again (if it ever did) haha...Thursday parents get to watch the ballet kids.....Saturday we are going to a Music Festival and Sunday we are going to a friend's house to watch the Texans games....and then the next Friday we drive to Lafayette for the weekend to go tailgating at the ULL game....I think my mom flys into Houston before that and is riding back with us.... Life is good....god is good....


Birthday Party

One of my co-workers (from New Orleans) invited us to her daughter's 4th bday paty at Clays...We love that place...best outdoor seating and they have a sandbox and lots of animals...Although we don't let the girls get near the animals...One time I watched an Oprah episode where a small child died after going to a kid's petting zoo....I know it is crazy, but both
Dave and I are on the same page. My friend hired a balloon artist that was awesome....best I have ever seen....very detailed...Isabella wanted Snow White...She suggested Sophia wanted a kitty cat....too funny (reminds me of...I want to be a princess and Sophia wants to be a pumpkin for Halloween)...the girls had a great time....we left, went grocery shopping and then went home. I gave the girls a bath and Sophia insisted on wearing a bathing suit top and pj bottoms for bedtime...We had a chance to speak with Dave's parents via the Ipads....so much cooler than Skype...they even showed us all their new remodeling...I am super impressed....everything looks awesome. I especially like that my father in law will have a nice air conditioned place to work out.

Early morning, beautiful neighborhood

This morning came....early....Isabella was up bright and early...she always has 3 requests (breakfast, tv show, and light on for bathroom)....It was my turn to set her up, but I was soo tired...I asked her what type of cereal she wanted...(she didn't want any)....she said, "how about candy"....I said no...."how about chips"....pause...."I am thinking...I am sooo
tired....corn chips aren't as bad as candy"...ok...I went back to sleep....I can honestly say I have never given my children chips for breakfast, but if this is the worst I do....than ok...anyway...I was so tired because I couldn't go to sleep Sat night...I started doing laundy, grading papers, etc.... Dave finally woke me at 9:45...the girls were dressed and ready to go to the park...I decided to join...I thought we were going to a traditional park, but we drove to the green space in our neighborhood....lots of space, lots of beautiful, big houses....we brought a soccer ball (barbie) to kick around. We stayed for a while and then went to Pot Belly for lunch...we knew the girls needed a nap before a birthday party they were invited to.




Wow....we did that much today!

We started our morning early and took the girls to a Fall Festival at Seven Lakes High School. My friend Nicole asked if we wanted to meet them...Her twin girls are only 5 months, so she didn't stay as long as we did. They are adorable. The girls had a blast. They got to play games. We then left and went to an Ice House cookoff. The girls had a great time dancin
g. We came home and took naps and then decided to take the girls to the park in the wagon. Half way there, the girls bumped heads and Sophia's nose started bleeding. It would not stop....good thing we were by the corner store so we could clean her up. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing and just enjoying each other:)

Friday fun

We met Christa,Brad, the girls, Tara, Lance, and their kids out last night...We had a perfect table next to the sand box at Willie G's...weather was awesome!!!!!!!!