Good times...bad times...

Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted...The last few weeks were going pretty well. The Saints are winning...(knock on wood).. Our Minnesota Viking friends (Lori and Derin) invited us to watch the saints/vikings game with them. We hired the senior high school next door neighbor. We had a blast (especially since the Saints won!!! Who DAt!)...We planted a garden last weekend so that the girls would be able to watch it grow. We have tomatos, lettuce, herbs, squash, and lots of other fun things. The weekend was going pretty well until Dave's mom called Saturday afternoon and said Grandma Evelyn passed away. She had been sick for the last 5 months, but it still was sad. She was such a WONDERFUL person....Always had a smile on her face. She was so smart...and so educated, well rounded. The four of us flew to New York for the funeral. It was a nice ceremony. I won't forget the rabbi saying how Grandma Evelyn loved to keep up with the news. That is something I will never forget about her...how smart she was...

It has been quite some time since I posted about the girls. They are starting a new daycare in January. The Goddard School by our house...We are very excited about the new school.

Isabella Caroline
- She is 25 months
- such a sweetheart...she LOVES her mom, dad, and sissy
- is always blowing us kisses
- loves milk
- talks a lot
- working on potty training...we have good days, and bad days
- doesn't get mad when Sophia pulls her hair
- still doesn't eat a lot
- loves watching the Sprout Channel
- really likes when I take her for a bike ride in the back of my bicycle
- always wants to know who I am talking to on the phone
- says "mommmy, you work out"...meaning, she wants to go to the Y if I am working out...
- is so proud when she draws a picture...wants it hung on the fridge
- is petite...wears 18-24 month clothes...and says "cute" when I dress her up
- always wants a bow in her hair

- is 9 months
- is very petite...actually weighs 2 lbs less than Isabella did at her age
- says...babababa
- gives me high fives
- claps her hands
- has started cruising
- eats pretty well...like cheerios...and ice creamm (of course)
- loves her sissy
- loves when we sing to her
- is such a sweet little girl