Dave and I

It seems like I always post about the girls. Dave and I are coming up to our 4 year wedding anniversary (April 1)...things are great. We are so truly blessed. We just returned from a fantastic trip to Ireland. We both have had lots gong on recently. Dave is still loving his new "old" job. I am coming up to the end of the school year. We just bought a new car that we are excited about. Dave has been driving his 2000 Ford Explorer for a million years. We needed a new, safe suv that would be practical for our ever growing family. We ended up getting a great deal on preowned Buick Enclave. It is top of the line- has 2 sunroofs, leather, built in DVD player for the kids....we love it.

Thursday is our anniversary. Dave is planning it....can't wait!

Sohpia Smiles

Sophia is the sweetest baby ever...She can be hard at times, but she is sooo sweet...She smiles constantly...even when she is crying, she smiles. She is almost 4 months old. She now eats rice cereal in her bottle. She is more steady sitting up and seems to be more alert in general. She likes to be held in a way that she can look and see whats going on. She pretty much sleeps through the night. We went to a friends for dinner last night. There was another baby girl there who was 2 weeks younger. The little girl was kind of fussy, but little Sophia was an angel....

Isabella's hair cut

Isabella is such a sweet little girl. She had a great time when she and Sophia were with Dave's parents while we were in Ireland. Dave's mom signed her up for 3 swim lessons. By the third one, she was jumping in the water. Isabella is getting so big. She has started talking a lot. She puts together words to make sentences. She loves Ice Age....is obsessed with it. She is the best big sister. She is always kissing Sophia, helping her out. Every once in awhile she will steal little Sophia's pacifier out of her mouth. She loves this little boy named Christian. A girl shoved Christian at school. When Isabella saw, she ran over, shoved the girl and said "not nice"....Isabella is still obsessed with milk, but does a little better eating. We have started cooking more, and she really seems to like the food we make. Today I took Isabella for her first hair cut. She cried the first few minutes but seemed to get better when the hair stylist gave her 2 lolly pops!

We went to the Children's Festival in Katy on Saturday. Isabella made a little time capsule where Dave wrote down her favorite things. Our neighbor told us about a Saturday class that her daughter (who is 22 months old) takes at the gymnastics place. I am thinking about putting her in it. I think she would love it!


Isabella...almost 19 months

Isabella is still her wonderful self....cute, spoiled, and "the princess". Everyday I ask her teachers how she was...they always say "good, her usual "Isabella" self"...She still loves to get into her old baby toys that are now Sophias. Today she got stuck in the the bumbo. She is talking a lot more. She says lots of words- feet, toes, mine...did I mention mine...she likes to say that...and no! she likes that one too... She loves watching ICE AGE, still loves milk (we go through a gallon and a half a week), she loves Sophia (is always trying to help out), loves when daddy tickles or teases her (she shouts, "no daddy" , but laughs), she blows kisses, and loves playing at the park.

Sophia...almost 3 months

Sophia is the sweetest baby...and so good... She still has a runny, stuffy nose. Poor thing, we will be glad when warmer weather arrives and she is feeling 100%. She is much more alert, can sit in the bumbo for short periods of time, has mixed feelings about tummy time, loves her big sister, drinks about 6 oz of formula a feeding, she is constantly smiling, loves when I run my hair over her face...she actually cooos, has started sleeping through most nights, looks more like her mommy than her daddy, loves when she sees her mommy or daddy....