Date Night

Dave and I have had date night 2 Friday nights in a row. Last Friday we met with Christa, Brad, my childhood friend Tara and her husband Lance, and my new Bunko friend Lori and her husband Darrin...we met at Baker Street in La Centerra. We had such a good time and it was nice how all 8 of our personalities meshed....This past Friday night we secured another babysitter and met our friends Lyndsey and Daniel at Brennans for restaurant week....3 course meal for 35.00, 5.00 goes to the local food bank....It was so good...I had turtle soup, filet, and bananas foster. Dave and I drove home and got stuck on 59 for an hour and a half. Our babysitter was kind to stay as late as we wanted, so we stopped at Bakers Street again for a few minutes...it was too fun!

Saturday we went to William's 8th birthday party at the bowling alley and then Tom (Brad's brother) his housewarming party. We were having a great time until Sophia threw up all over me...it was very bad...we had to leave immediately. She is feeling better today. I spent most of the day at my school getting ready for the students who come back tomorrow!


Where has the time gone?

Last Sunday I went running early in the morning and saw a beautiful hot air balloon outside our house...It was pretty amazing. Things have been going well. I am back to work and the kids are back in daycare. The students come back to school on Sunday. Our school went through a 10 million dollar renovation over the summer. Things have been crazy. The good news is that my room looks brand new and I have brand new air conditioners....yea!!! The last two Friday nights Dave and I have been able to snag a babysitter and go on dates...We are also pretty excited that our next door neighbor's daughter is a senior in high school and has decided that she can change diapers and wants to babysit for the girls. Score for having a babysitter next door!!! haha... I am still trying to work out at the gym every day and am slowly losing the rest of my weight...I am pre Isabella and Sophia weight again. My goal is to be high school skinny...whatever that means:) Dave has been working out first thing every morning and he feels great. We have set up a system where we give the girls baths at night and pick out their clothes. This helps me get them ready in the morning since he is working out.


Isabella...just turned 2...
- she LOVES toy story...is obsessed...had a toy story birthday cake...loves her matching Jesse and Woody dolls that talk to each other
- says cool all the time...I guess I say it too much so she is saying it...I am trying to cut back...I guess there could be worse words
- Her hair is getting long, am still growing out her bangs
- she is not a good eater...I try....she like chicken a rice, fruit, milk, mac and cheese, fruit smoothies
- she is such a big girl...sings abc song, twinkle twinkle, mary had a little lamb
- is so cute when she tries to say "buzz light year to the rescue"
- Is talking a lot! Dave and I try and translate for each other
- Loves her little sister...has a big smile every time she sees her
- has taken a few steps back with the potty training...is not interested lately
- sometimes gets up in the middle of the night and we find her on the couch sleeping with her blanket and pillow
- sometimes climbs into our bed and then takes up the entire bed by sleeping horizontally
- has the cutest, brightest smile
- likes to sit at the big table to eat
- loves to close all the door...closes herself in our closet all the time
- played dress up today and looked so cute
- drew all over her body again the other night with a market...5 minutes before the babysitter showed up
- is like her mommy...an early bird...wakes up very early and is in the best mood!

Sophia...8 1/2 months
- such a sweet baby
- loves to sleep...will easily go to sleep at 8pm and not wake up until 8 or 9 am if she can...she has her daddy's sleeping pattern
- she looks just like Dave
- has 2 teeth
- loves yogurt
- is starting to eat more solid foods....fruits, veggies, mac and cheese, bread, she ate a very small piece of William's birthday cookie cake...
- she loves when people sing twinkle twinkle
- she crawls all over
- loves playing with her big sister
- hates being put into her car seat
- no longer has her baby bath seat...sits up in the tub all by herself
- starting to hold onto couch and the stool
- is getting to such a fun age


New York, Bob's Taco Stand....and summer is almost over!

I can't believe I go back to work in less than 2 weeks...For the first time ever, I am not ready!!!! I have loved being with the girls all summer. We just got back from visiting Dave's grandma in New York City. We brought the girls and Paige and Morgan. It was such a nice trip. This weekend we took it easy. We had dinner across the street at our nice neighbor's house. They have a cute 2 year old that Isabella loves. Today we finally made it to Bob's Taco Stand. It was pretty good.

Isabella will be 2 in a few days....some updates
- still working on potty training...it has stalled somewhat
- she is talking a lot
- she loves chicken and rice...asks for it even for breakfast
- loves her little sister
- loves wearing bows in her hair
- so cute when she brushes her teeth in the morning and night...can't wait for her gummy vitamin
- loves to say "pretty"
- sings mary had a little lamb, but it sounds like marry had a little man

Sophia...almost 8 months
- has 2 teeth
- loves being held
- says baaabaaa
- starting to crawl
- loves to sleep in....
- eats more food...loves eggs and toast and cheetos (not together!)