Isabella throw tantrums???

Funny story. Yesterday I needed Dave to drop off Isabella at daycare because I had a 7:15 am dentist appointment and then a social studies conference. (my Mexican bridge fell out of my mouth when I tried to eat a tootsie roll....bad idea!). Anyway, later I asked him how it went when he dropper her off. He said everything was fine until they walked into her classroom. Then he noticed that she was laying on the floor. He assumed that she had accidentally fallen so I gently picked her up and placed her back on her feet. Two seconds later she was once again sprawled out on the floor.....Welcome to my world daddy!!!!! She does this almost every day when I drop her off, but her teachers say she is fine 2 seconds after I leave. I just thought this was funny because I have told Dave a million times about these "tantrums".

I have a doctor's appointment today after school. I am at the going every week stage. I am extremely tired. It is hard to even get up!!! I am still waking up at 2 or 3 am every day and am not able to go back to sleep. I only have today and tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday of next week before Thanksgiving. I wonder if I will be back at work after the holiday. I am going to get everything ready for the rest of the semester in case I just can't make it back after Thanksgiving. I am lucky to have a great long term sub lined up!!!

Tomorrow we are driving to Louisiana to visit my parents. It is Morgan's 15th birthday (can not believe he is that old!!!). We might try and do a little Christmas shopping while we are there.


Getting Close

Things have been busy around here. I went to the dr on Thursday and he said if it appears I am ready at 38 weeks he will induce....that was music to my ears! Sophia has dropped really low and it is pretty painful for me to walk a lot or stand for long periods of time. Friday we went and had dinner with Christa, Brad, Diana, and her boyfriend Carlos. It was fun, but we got home around 7:45! We are early birds! Saturday our cleaning lady came so we tried to make ourselves scarce by going to Target. We took holiday pictures in the afternoon. I can't wait to see how they turned out. We relaxed the rest of the day and then went and tried a Mexican Restaurant by our house called Cafe Des Solis. I didn't think it was that good. Today we woke up, I cleaned out the guest room closet while Dave cleaned out the pantry. He is on his way to pick up the Christmas tree my parents gave us from Christa's house. I am watching the Saints, will work on lesson plans, and then we will decorate the tree. I know it is early, but we are going to Louisiana next weekend, then Austin for Thanksgiving, and then might be having a baby right after. This seemed like a good time! I have to get my lessons ready since I probably will not be making it until the the holiday break. I am just so tired. I can go for a little while, then I am just winded and tired. I feel like I am at the end of the tunnel. I teach Monday and Tuesday, have a social studies conference on Wednesday, teach Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday and then have Thanksgiving. If I go back to work after Thanksgiving, it probably won't be for more than a few days!!!!!

Dave and I have really not done so much to get ready for little Sophia. I bought a few new born outfits and bought a sling for me to carry her in. We pretty much are set!!!! Isabella has been really cute lately. I bought her a seat to go on top of the toilet so she can start getting used to the idea of potty training. Yesterday she took it off and was running around the house holding it....Dave was SOOO GROSSED OUT!!! I thought it was so funny. He wants the daycare people to potty train her....I told him we were the parents so we have to try as well:)


15 month dr. appointment

I brought Isabella to her pediatrician so that she could get the first of the 2 H1N1 shots. While she was there, they went ahead and did her 15 month check up. Of course I forgot her diaper bag in my car and she went poopoo right when we got there. They were nice enough to give me one. She got a total of 3 shots while we were there. Needless to say she was not happy. The part I hate most about the checkups is when they ask you all of the milestone questions. I am pretty sure she can do everything they ask, but I don't want to lie. So I am honest, but when they ask me questions, I am like...I don't know...for example today's questions: does she run, can she walk backwards, etc...too much pressure:)

Tomorrow is the economics fair at my school. All of my economics students make products and go to the cafeteria to set up their store to sell. The rest of the day should be easy. It really is a fun time in which the kids learn a lot. I have another doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon. I have 34 days until my due date...am counting every second....am soooo tired...

Isabella updates:
At 15 months:
- she clearly says paci, thank you, mamma, dadda
- she still repeats lots of words
- I will tell her to take her paci out of her mouth so we can talk and she does
- I ask her who her friends are at school....she says J.J, and mumbles some of the others
- she is really trying to get into the cabinets....we really need to put the latches on them!
- she can point to my stomach when I ask her where Sophia is...ok, I admit, sometimes she points to my leg:)
- she is still a drama queen...today when I picked her up from school she was laying on the ground throwing a fit...apparently they just came inside from playing outside and she was mad..she wanted to stay outside
- she is getting better about me doing her hair
- she loves playing in my makeup and is currently trying on my clothes while I type this
- she loves her little chair her aunt Christa gave her
- she loves sitting in daddy's bean bag chair and grabbing a book...it is really cute
- she still hates vegetables, but I try and sneak them into her food...
- she weighs about 20 pounds and is 28 inches
- she is still bossing around people...young and old alike...but is oh so cute!!!!

We love her so much and can't wait for her to have a sister. I know a lot of people think we are crazy for the little spacing, but Dave and I both feel that Isabella will love having a little playmate!!!


Yea for shots!!!

I have been looking everywhere for the injectable H1N1 shot for Isabella and I. We both can't have the live virus nose spray. Last night I went to my appetizer exchange and one of the ladies was so sweet. She is pregnant and told me about a doctor in cypress that had shots for pregnant women. I called and they said I could come in right after work and get one for the bargain price of 15.00!!! On my way over there I called Isabella's pediatrician to see if she had received the injection, they said yes, so tomorrow right after work I am picking her up from school and taking her to get her shot. Then Thursday it is back to the doctor for my 35th week appointment. Who would have ever thought I would spend my entire week at the doctors office!!! But I am very grateful:)

Let's see...what else is new...someone stole Dave and my credit card number, but the credit card fraud department called to see if we were making the purchases...Good thing we have stopped using out southwest credit card and new instantly it must have been stolen.

Our friends Lyndsey and Daniel had their baby girl Gwendolyn yesterday at around 10 pm. We saw a picture and she is sooo cute!!!! It really has not hit me that we are about to have another baby in the house. We are so busy with Isabella that we haven't had time for it to sink in. I am starting to get to the miserable stage....am sooo tired!!!! I told Dave I wanted to go to the hospital and have this baby so that I could go have some r and r for a few days. I know that sounds crazy, but I just want a few days to just rest...

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. I am so very grateful to all the men and women who sacrifice their lives so that we may be free. It is also the 20 year anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. I really remember it falling down. I also remember when the kids in East Germany were not free. I was about 9 or 10 and understood what that meant.


My little kicker

It is only 4:43 am on a Monday morning. I have been awake since 4. Little Sophia starts kicking me around 3 or 4 am everyday and wakes me up. I usually can't go back to sleep. I have 36 days left until my due date. 3 of my friends who recently had babies have all gone early. I am crossing my fingers I will be as lucky!

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday we drove to Austin and stayed with Dave's brother Danny and his wife Ashlee. Saturday we visited, watched college football and hung out with Dave's parents. Sunday we came home early and pretty much just relaxed, watched the Saints win (yea....8 and 0!!!). I took out 2 bins of Isabella's baby clothes and started going through them for baby Sophia. There were a few things that Isabella had really worn out, so I put those items in a donate bag. I tried on Isabella's Christmas dress to see how it fits. Saturday we have holiday pictures. My mother's group arranged a professional photographer that would take pictures for every one's family...15 or 20 minute session for 40.00. Tonight I have my mommy's night out. This month we are having it at the organizer's house for an appetizer exchange. Everyone brings an appetizer and recipe cards to go along. We then get to sample and leave with lots of new ideas.

This should be a pretty good week. My economic students have their market project where they go to the cafeteria for 3 hours, set up stores, and sell items to each other. Dave is in training again all week and I have another doctor appointment this week. This weekend we are going to put up our tree, go to the Nutcracker Market, watch UT and the Saints, and try to relax as well!!! Our friend Lyndsey is supposed to have her baby today....so good thoughts their way!!!


We are all tired...

Everyone in our house is tired...I am tired...I have 40 days until my due date...work is getting harder and harder. Dave has been staying up working late every night...we are all just exhausted....I hate to complain because we are so truly blessed.....

This has been a busy week. Monday we watched the Saints win....Yea...7-0...Tuesday I had bunco...I am an offical member of a Bunko group in cinco ranch. I will host the bunko at my house in April or May....the ladies are so nice. Most of them are my age or a few years older with kids ranging from newborn to 8 or 9 years old. Dave picked Isabella up from daycare and took her to his happy hour with coworkers at a Mexican restaurant. Yesterday he picked her up again so that I could get my hair done. Today he is picking her up for a third day in a row so that I can pick my car up from the dealership...it was being serviced.

Today I had a kid with a tattoo tear drop spit at me...it wasn't on purpose, but it still was like...really....did that just happen!!!

Anyway, I need to focus on positive things and not get jaded with stuff I can't control:)


Pizza Making

Sunday our friends Melissa and Brandon had a pizza making get together. It was a blast. Nicole and Barry and Lyndsey and Daniel were also there. Lyndsey is having a little girl a few weeks before me. We had a ton of fun making the pizzas!!!!

Halloween Weekend

We had a very busy Halloween weekend. Friday Dave, Isabella, and I went to a friends house for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Saturday Dave and I took Isabella to the Renaissance Festival. Dave loves going every year and the weather was beautiful. We paid 5.00 for her face to be painted for when she went trick or treating later that night as a ballerina bunny. Unfortunately she hated it, screamed, and smeared it all over her face. We gave her a bath as soon as we got home. Sunday Dave worked all day.