Easter picts

Isabella looked so cute at Easter. She had a great time participating in the Easter Egg Hunt at Christa's and with Dave's mom. Everything is going great in our neck of the woods. We move into our new house on Tuesday. We are super excited and ready! I am very tired and try and stay awake past 8:30 every night!


We are pregnant....again:)

Well, we had a great weekend with both of our families coming into town. We drove them through Cinco Ranch and past the house we are moving into in less than a week. We also shared the good news that we are expecting baby #2. Everyone was pretty shocked! I just found out that morning when I took a pregnancy test. Most of our friends have been great about the announcement. When I was pregnant with Isabella, from the moment I found out, I obsessed about being pregnant. That is all I thought about for 10 months strait. I would wake up at 2 or 3 am every day and my mind would race with excitement. Many of my friends are currently pregnant with their first baby and I am so excited that they are getting to experience this. I am excited, but Isabella is my priority right now--she (and Dave) will receive all of my attention.

Some people are wondering why we got pregnant so fast after Isabella. Truthfully we have always planned that once we started (I will be 31 in a couple of weeks) we would have the kids close together because it was safer with being closer to 30 than 40. Also, they could play together and if we had to do the baby thing, might as well do it all at once! Plus, Isabella has brought us more joy than we could have ever even imagined. We can't wait to give her a brother or sister. When I told some of my friends many commented that they had theirs close in age and they were glad.

Isabella update-
little princess (that is what they call her at daycare) is 8 months old. She
- crawls all over the house
- tried to crawl over the other babies at daycare when I went to pick her up...she was so excited to see me
- says dada, baabaa, apple
- loves when her mommy makes her eggs, toast, chicken, pancakes
-eat cheerios, gold fish
- is picking herself up and leaning on things...holding onto the sides of chairs, couch, exosaucer
- stood on her own for about 2 seconds, then got scared and started crying


3year anniversary

April 1st was Dave and I's three year anniversary. We got married on April Fools Day...the funny thing was that from the time we woke up this year on our anniversary, so many things went wrong, I kept saying "is this an April Fool's Day joke?" It is sad when you are hoping the answer is yes...First, our flaky buyer backed out of the contract (1 week before closing)...so we had to decide do we back out of the new home purchase (ultimately we decided to go ahead)...then our good friends Misty and Boyd kindly offered to watch Isabella so we could have a nice, romantic dinner. We decided since we are looking at the prospect of 2 mortgages, we were going to use a gift certificate other good friends gave us for Christmas...unfortunately, Dave forgot to use it, but the good thing is we get to go back:) Then, on the way home Dave gets really sick and I have to drop him off before I go get Isabella...Good times....

Anyway, it is pretty funny, but I am so grateful that I met Dave...I love him more than anything!!!!! Happy Anniversary sweetheart!