My boyfriend is on tv (Justin Bieber)

Isabella keeps saying this...I don't know where she got it, but she thinks it is cute and ruffles our feathers. I am typing this while Sophia is clearly pooping in her diaper...I told her I knew what she was doing and she shushed me...she is almost ready...she gets it. We got a note home from Sophia's class saying an upper respiratory infection was going around in
her classroom...fingers crossed she doesn't get it. We have one more school day this week and then we are off to Austin. My parents called from the East Coast. They are going to the LSU game in Atlanta this weekend. They went ahead a few days and are staying in Hilton Head and another cool place. After I got off the phone with my mom, I just thought how I really appreciate inheriting the travel bug from both of my parents...maybe my mom more than my dad...I am obsessed with traveling the world. Today was the BEST DAY EVER!!!! 9-11th graders were testing. Our school decided to rewaqrd the passing kids who have applied to college with a free day off. The only seniors that had to come today were seniors who were failing our classes. I had about 11 out of 15 kids show up...they were given make up work they misses, etc...I got SOOO much work done...I literally sat at my computer all day long working on final exams, grading, and lesson plans...I told Dave "I sat down on a chair all day long"...this never happens. It dawned on me today that 90% of my job is standing up, walking around, teaching. On one hand I envy the teachers who sit all day, but really I don't...you can't teach that way...good teachers are at their desk to take roll and do some work if the kids are taking a test.


Guest Blog

Tonight the girls are guest blogging for me. I am going to ask them questions and write their answers. 1. What is your favorite food? Isabella "I like eating bananas and pop tarts"... Sophia "I like ogurt (yogurt).. 2. What is your favorite color? Isabella "I like purple and pink" Sophia "pink" 3. What is your friends name? Isabella "Well, my friend
's name is Paige and my friend is named Dalton, and my other friend's name is Collum (sp?) Sophia " night night" 4. Who loves you? Sophia "daddy" Isabella "mommy, Sophia, and daddy" 5. Do you tattle tell? Isabella "no" Sophia "no" 6. If we were to buy a puppy, what would be the name? Isabella "mom, I want to name him Max and Ruby" Sophia "noise...hooohooohoo" Isabella "Sophia, do you want to name him Max and Ruby?" Sophia "whooohoooo" 7. If your happy and you know it clap your hands Isabella "mommy, do a question" - side note....Sophia just pulled a chunk of Isabellaa's hair...for no reason..she has been doing this a lot 8. What do you like most about your school? Isabella "I like playing play dough" Sophia "refuses to answer"... Just a few side notes...today was a good day...we are all back to our schedules (for a few weeks a least). We are about to watch the Saints game on Monday night football( Who Dat)...I knew today would be good because 1. I worked out, 2. my students are working on computer projects this week 3. I knew the cleaning lady was coming 4. I put a crock pot recipe on (chicken breast, rotel, corn, beans, and creme cheese)...serve over rice, 5. my Christmas is up. Life is good and blessed... I did have another instance of Isabella telling on me...it was kind of an embarassing bath room moement (I will spare the details)..All I know is when Dave came home, she snuck to whisper something to him...all I heard was him telling Isabella it was not nice to talk about people when they weren't around...too funny...little tattle tale.. The other funmuy story was that both girls were super cute (as always) when I picked them up from school. Sophia and her friends were in the middle of dress up. She was wearing a pink tutu and a Uncle Sam patrotic hat....When we were in the car driving home she started pretending she was sleeping...she got real serious and quiet....and then slowly shut her eyes...I was like "Sophia are you sleeping"...a few minutes later she yells out "haha"...she is such a little entertainer." On a money note...this weekend was expensive...between the 500 plumber bill and Sophia losing my wedding band...ouch! Good thing she lost my wedding band and not my engagement ring:)


Been a While...

It's been a while since I've posted so I'll pick today. The posting will probably get more frequent when I get my new iPhone (picture taking will be more frequent)...

Anyway, we had quite an interesting Thanksgiving Weekend. My folks, Danny, and Ashlee came into town. Thursday morning I got up around 5 AM to start thawing the turkey we were making in water. Around 7 AM,we awoke to a torrent of water draining out of the ceiling in the bathroom. Turns out we had a broken pipe. While we waited for the plumber, we tried to continue on prepping Thanksgiving Dinner. It all worked out even though we had to pay the plumber a premium.

Other than that we watched the Horns beat the Aggies, went to Dewberry Farms on Friday, ,watched some movies, and hung out. On Sunday, we put up Christmas decorations.

It's Beggining to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Today we took out our Christmas tree and decorations. The girls had a blast helping us put them up. I love our pre-lit tree...It is so easy to put up and take down. Tomorrow is back to reality for all of us. The girls, Dave and I have a 4 day work week. We are taking Friday off to go to Austin and help get my mother in law's 60 bday party organized. Thursday th
e girls have their first dentist appointment (Dave is taking them)...I took a few weeks off from working out...I was super stressed and wanted to sleep in...but, post Turkey day I am back at the gym...so is Dave.



weekend picts




Dewberry Farms

We took the girls to Dewberry Farms today. They had a blast.


Thanksgiving Plummer

We woke up Thursday morning to a loud splattering sound. We were SO appreciative that we decided to host Thanksgiving at our house. Otherwise we would have come home to the biggest mess. A pipe burst (connected to dishwasher) and it leaked from the second floor through our bathroom vent. We were lucky to find a plummer(500 dollars later) to come and fix the leak.
Thanksgiving then progressed wonderfully. Dave's family came in and we cooked a turkey for the first time. It was delicious!!!!


Tuesday....our Friday...

Today was our Friday...Dave and I are both off until Monday...we are super excited about spending quality time with the girls and our family. Dave made dinner tonight (chicken enchiladas...it was sooo good!!!!)..Tomorrow the plan is to clean the house and cook some of our Thanksgiving items beforehand. Sophia slept in her big girl bed all night...sweet girl. I
want to take her crib down tomorrow...Dave wants to wait...we shall see:)


Don't touch the turkey...

Great day...It is a 2 day work week for Dave and I...I gave test all day (teachers love test day...we can get caught up on grading , etc)..tomorrow I am showing an interesting show about self made millionaires. I plan on getting lots more done. I picked up the girls and then headed home to make beef stroganoff and carotts. Last night Dave bought a 25 pound turkey
and put it in the fridge to defrost. We kept it in the wrapper and netting from the store. The girls wanted to touch the turkey when Dave brought it home, but he made a huge deal about turkey and raw meat. Fast foward to tonight...I opened the fridge and Sophia touched the (wrapped) turkey for 2 seconds...Isabella saw and started screaming that I needed to wash Sophia's hands...I was distracted and told Isabella Sophia was fine because it was a second and she was touching plastic netting...Fast foward a couple of hours...I am playing with Sophia, Dave gets home...About 10 minutes later she goes up to Dave and whispers...she is telling on me about the turkey....too funny...my 3 year old tells on me... Tonight when we went to put the girls to bed Dave says he thinks Sophia is ready for the big girl bed...So I go downstairs and pull out the camera...Isabella keeps insisting that Sophia sleeep in her crib...(mind you Isabella has been in the big girl bed since she was one...Sophia will be 2 in a few weeks)...too funny...Fingers crossed she does well and we don't have 2 little girls banging on our room to get in every night... I am super excited about pulling out Christmas after Thanksgiving. Christa bought the girls a small pink tree from Garden Ridge (it was 80% off after Christmas)...Isabella insisted we put it out...we put the homemade ornaments on it...



The plan...to ditch the plan...

This weekend the plan was to take the girls to Dewberry Farm on Saturday and Renaissance Festival on Sunday. We had a great low key Friday night. Saturday morning I went online and saw that Dewberry Farm was closed...so we went to home depot and bought mulch for our front yard. Mulching is like painting- fast satisfaction. Later on Christa and her crew came over
for crafts, pizza, and football. Our friends Lori and Derin and their kids came over later. The kids had a blast making ornaments. Today we decided to postpone the Renaissance Festival and have a VERY LAZY day. This is the first weekend since school has started that I have not thought or done anything school related. Monday and Tuesday I have work and then am off for rest of the week. Later today we have to go buy a turkey so we can start defrosting it. I am super excited about making one!