As I write this the girls are fighting in my bed. They are fighting over a toy grandma and grandpa Wilcox gave them for Christmas. Today was crazy. I only have Tues, Wed, and Thur and then I am done. I had duty today. I knew I would be late. Which stresses me out to the tee....Dave's car was in the shop for breaks. That meant we had to share a car. We can't drop the girls off at daycare until 6:30 which means I will be late if I have bus duty...We dropped the girls off, I dropped Dave off at the park and ride, and then picked up my co-worker along the way who needed a ride...I was late to duty...My grade level principal was nice because she knows I always do everything and extra:)

The seniors are gone so it is kind of weird not knowing any of the kids. I am just working on lesson plans for next year. Christa and I are counting down the days until our vacation (cruise)...This year was pretty hard...We tell our husbands that life is too short...at least if we work hard we should have something to look forward to...The cruise was actually supposed to be a Skelly vacation when we planned it...We booked it, and then everyone but Christa and Brad and their kids backed out...That is why we are taking so many vacations...I don't want people to think we feel we are entitled.....We are VERY fortunate to be going to Tahoe with Dave's parents....We are sooo excited....I am soo excited...I love the mountains and mountain climbing...If you asked me to live on a beach or in the mountains, I would for sure take the mountains. My favorite trip of my life was our honeymoon to Park , Utah.

I was so proud of Sophia today...her little paper said that she said thank you today to her teachers:)

Dill marinated pasta

Was ok...pretty good...very healthy...It was a dream dinner and I added veggies.

ear piercing

Christa and I took the girls to get their ears pierced. Isabella really wanted to since all of her girl cousins have them done. She was excited. I told her to close her eyes. They did both at the same time...she cried...but a few seconds later she was ok...she loves them...I tried to get Sophia's done at the same time, but she was not having it. We have to wait until she gets older:)


future artists

Barbacoa and Drawing

After the pool we were beat so we took a nap. Dave made the best barbacoa beef in the crock pot that tasted just like Chipotle. We ate it with flour tortillas, basmati rice, black beans, and cheese....oh so good.

The girls were getting ancy so I brought down the butcher paper for all of us to draw. I think Sophia might use both hands to write. She saw the way we hold our crayon and copied us. She holds it just like holding a pencil. We had a blast just doodling...Dave drew a tree for Isabella, an apple for Sophia, and some geometric shape for me. I drew a calendar counting down the days until our Carnival Cruise (2 weeks!)

Dave got upset with me because I gave the girls Popsicles right before bed...I know, bad idea...I told Isabella if she picked up all the toys in the living room I would give her one...she did an awesome job!!!!

Tomorrow I think we are spending quite a few hours at Christa's house. Our cleaning lady comes on Mondays and stays 4-6 hours each time. We will probably just go and swim and hang out with the family:) Life is good.

off to the pool

Today was easy breezy...We took the girls to the pool down the street. We love the fact that we can put the girls in the wagon and walk down the street. The girls love the pool, especially the kid's pad. We packed a lunch and had a great time...Dave joked that we should buy one of the big umbrellas to solve our non-patio issue:) Isabella was a ham as usual and kept showing off with her yoga moves in the water:)


non-age appropriate crafts

Today was relaxing day. Dave and I hit the gym hard this morning and then dropped the Buick off at Car Max for them to look at the brakes. We then came home and cleaned and Dave mowed the lawn...and we took naps...long naps...and then I went to Hobby Lobby and tried to find crafts for the girls to do...they love crafts..but apparently I bought crafts that were too old...Dave grilled AWESOME steaks and we watched Hangover....can't get better than that. Tomorrow we will try and go to church and then go to s pool...Life is great....


Fabulous Friday

I say that because it is my last Friday of work. The seniors graduate tomorrow morning, so next week will be easy...not to mention the fact that Dave and I both have Memorial Day off. We have decided to take it easy all weekend. Tonight it is 6:30, the girls are bathed, we are all in our jammies and we are watching the kid movie "Gnome and Juliet" in our bed.

Today was a Luau at the girls' school. I dressed Isabella but had to leave for work so I asked Dave to try and take a few pictures of Sophia.

Burgers and fries

We had a dream dinner Gorgonzola burger and sweet potato fries for dinner...so good and so easy...just baked the fries for 20 minutes and cooked the burgers for 14 minutes on the grill:)

While I was cooking this "easy" meal, the girls were playing with kitchen stuff:)


Time Out

Sophia puts herself in timeout when I tell her to go to the corner...it is pretty cute...sad, but cute:)

Late mother's day gift and Isabella's second photography go

This year our mother's day gift to Dave's mom is very late...Karen if you are reading it, I am sorry....I am posting a picture of it,(I hope you don't mind)...I was proud of how it turned out...I was going to send it to my mother in law but she said to just wait until we see them again.

Isabella asked to take pictures again...This time she seemed to get my feet...over and over...

Today was pretty good. I worked out at 5 am...we had school for a few hours, graduation practice and then a happy hour at one of my co-worker's houses...She is retiring and wanted us to go over to her house. I stopped by for a few minutes because I had to get the girls. Dave had to work late because he brought Isabella to the doctor. She has been complaining that her stomach hurts...the doctor said she is fine.