Barbacoa and Drawing

After the pool we were beat so we took a nap. Dave made the best barbacoa beef in the crock pot that tasted just like Chipotle. We ate it with flour tortillas, basmati rice, black beans, and cheese....oh so good.

The girls were getting ancy so I brought down the butcher paper for all of us to draw. I think Sophia might use both hands to write. She saw the way we hold our crayon and copied us. She holds it just like holding a pencil. We had a blast just doodling...Dave drew a tree for Isabella, an apple for Sophia, and some geometric shape for me. I drew a calendar counting down the days until our Carnival Cruise (2 weeks!)

Dave got upset with me because I gave the girls Popsicles right before bed...I know, bad idea...I told Isabella if she picked up all the toys in the living room I would give her one...she did an awesome job!!!!

Tomorrow I think we are spending quite a few hours at Christa's house. Our cleaning lady comes on Mondays and stays 4-6 hours each time. We will probably just go and swim and hang out with the family:) Life is good.

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