importance of RSVP

Christa and I planned the last Senior Women social for tonight...the girls wanted to do something...the plan was for us to all meet, paint pottery, and then go across the street and have a nice dinner...all because Senior Women still has money in their account....and it is their money. So, 14 girls rsvpd and said they were coming..Christa went to the store and made cute favors...Both she and I took the night away from spending it with our spouses and babies (or kids in her case)...2 kids showed up....and then 1 more....how sad...it is VERY important to not flake out on rsvps...We still had a great time. I came home right as the girls (who had just been bathed) were in diapers...looking cute...Christa bought them matching frog pjs, so I put them in them...

Life is good...very good...everything happens for a reason. This weekend should be busy...All of our family is coming in for Sophia's baptism:)

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