Saturday was my birthday...It was wonderful. I spent it with my family. Everyone was in for Abbey's first communion. Saturday morning I took everyone to the Goodwill Select by our house....Everyone scored!!!!! Dave picked up a camel hair jacket that would retail for over 200.00 for 15.00. I got lots and lots of cute stuff. We then had lunch at Cheddars (yum) and later went to Brad's brother Tom's house for a bbq. It was really nice. Christa's very sweet mother in law made us a cookie cake that was soooo good!

Sunday we made it to the first communion and then went to Christa's for a bbq. Some of our old neighbors from Village Green came over. They were in town because the father is battling brain cancer. Christa bought a cross pinata...It was very weird seeing the kids beat that cross....

This week should be busy...I have a dr appointment Monday and Tuesday. Bunko Tuesday night and then Crawfish festival Friday in Breaux Bridge!!!

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