wow...did I really fit that many things into one day?

I got up early, started to drive to work. I always want to take pictures of the highway construction by our house...huge columns...I joke and say it feels like we are in Rome...this morning while I was sitting in traffic I snapped one, but it is very blurry...

Had a great day...Seniors are really ready to graduate...teacher are ready for them to graduate. We had early dismissal so the faculty could discuss our strengths and weaknesses. My group was civil, but apparently some groups really got mad. After that Christa and I went to a baby shower for one of our co-workers who will be a grandmother for the first time...She is the sweetest lady ever and her husband just passed away recently.

Next, I drove to finally meet my friend Misty's new baby boy Benjamin...He is adorable...I could only stay a few minutes because I had to meet Christa and our friend Susan for a quick dinner next to Dream Dinners because we had an appointment...I got home at almost nine...I am beat...I miss my girls and my husband!

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