Late mother's day gift and Isabella's second photography go

This year our mother's day gift to Dave's mom is very late...Karen if you are reading it, I am sorry....I am posting a picture of it,(I hope you don't mind)...I was proud of how it turned out...I was going to send it to my mother in law but she said to just wait until we see them again.

Isabella asked to take pictures again...This time she seemed to get my feet...over and over...

Today was pretty good. I worked out at 5 am...we had school for a few hours, graduation practice and then a happy hour at one of my co-worker's houses...She is retiring and wanted us to go over to her house. I stopped by for a few minutes because I had to get the girls. Dave had to work late because he brought Isabella to the doctor. She has been complaining that her stomach hurts...the doctor said she is fine.

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