As I write this the girls are fighting in my bed. They are fighting over a toy grandma and grandpa Wilcox gave them for Christmas. Today was crazy. I only have Tues, Wed, and Thur and then I am done. I had duty today. I knew I would be late. Which stresses me out to the tee....Dave's car was in the shop for breaks. That meant we had to share a car. We can't drop the girls off at daycare until 6:30 which means I will be late if I have bus duty...We dropped the girls off, I dropped Dave off at the park and ride, and then picked up my co-worker along the way who needed a ride...I was late to duty...My grade level principal was nice because she knows I always do everything and extra:)

The seniors are gone so it is kind of weird not knowing any of the kids. I am just working on lesson plans for next year. Christa and I are counting down the days until our vacation (cruise)...This year was pretty hard...We tell our husbands that life is too short...at least if we work hard we should have something to look forward to...The cruise was actually supposed to be a Skelly vacation when we planned it...We booked it, and then everyone but Christa and Brad and their kids backed out...That is why we are taking so many vacations...I don't want people to think we feel we are entitled.....We are VERY fortunate to be going to Tahoe with Dave's parents....We are sooo excited....I am soo excited...I love the mountains and mountain climbing...If you asked me to live on a beach or in the mountains, I would for sure take the mountains. My favorite trip of my life was our honeymoon to Park , Utah.

I was so proud of Sophia today...her little paper said that she said thank you today to her teachers:)

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