Onion Creek

Last night was fun...and weird...and crazy...but fun...Christa, Tara, and I decided to meet up with an old high school friend who also lives in Houston. We haven't seen Mary Ann in over ten years. We decided to meet up at Onion Creek because it was walking distance from her house and a cool place. Christa and I arrived a bit early. The group next to us was pretty interesting...they were funny at first, but one guy kept annoying us because he kept interrupting our reunion. Anyway, in the middle of nowhere, this poor little bird fell out of a high tv stand onto this guy...He freaked out. They did not touch the bird (apparently if you touch the baby bird the mother will eat it) and managed to get it back where it came from. Overall we had a great time. Dave (and the other husbands) rock for watching the kids so we can do things like this.

Sophia was in bed by the time I came back. Isabella was still awake. I told Isabella I would give her a prize if she did not sneak into our bed in the middle of the night...she said she wanted a puppy...we settled on having her ears pierced....except she came down about 6 times....Dave and I alternated bringing her back upstairs...

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