It's Dave again...

I posted on Facebook about remote controls... My gripe was that it's the year 2011 and I still need at least three to do anything cool. Anyway, I posted about the fact that my TV remote didn't have my cable DVR buttons, my cable remote didn't have my stereo mode buttons, and my stereo remote didn't have my TV function buttons. Anyway, the second I finished posting, Facebook recommended that I "Like" the DVR fan page.


Wacky Wednesday

Today kept feeling like it was Thursday because our school schedule is mixed up because of TAKS testing. We are now a two car family again...yea!!! I picked up the girls and was VERY proud to hear that Isabella's report said she was the most polite student in the class...always saying please and thank you!!!!

Tomorrow I am giving a 4 hour AP Macro review from 8-12...I am excited and nervous at the same time!!!!!

One more thing...Christa has me addicted to Goodwill Select...I had a few minutes to kill today before I picked up the girls. I went to the one nearest to our house and they had the BEST stuff for cheap!!!! Lots of cute gymboree clothes for 1.99.....Score! and the other day I bought a black house white market dress for 8.00...they normally run about 70.00....I guess if I have a shopping problem (which I don't think I have...at least it is at the Goodwill)..haha..

Shrimp and Grits this time...not so good

I was craving Mr. B's shrimp and grits...I decided to make the recipe healthier this time...I did everything the same, but did not add the 1 and 1/2 cups of butter....well, long story short, it was not good...at all....who knew the fattening recipe would be better than the healthy one..haha....Dave made him and the girls hamburgers on Chibata (sp) bread and fries.


Comparing again...

Isabella is the first picture:)

Mystery Guest Blogger...

Corrin's been asking me to "guest blog" for a while. She keeps telling me that it's not fair for me to keep my genius to myself. This being the case (along with the fact that the judge says this will count as part of my community service), means that tonight is "guest blog night"...

We've been trying to read to the girls a bit more often. As a test I decided to try to read to them while they were taking their baths. It worked out pretty well. Of course they were more interested in splashing each other than they were in understanding why "Lazy Jane" was "waiting for it to rain"... No worries though... I like the sound of my own voice.

We're currently watching "The Voice" on NBC. We're going to sign Isabella and Sophia up. Corrin and I talked about it and decided that they should start earning their keep. In addition, there doesn't seem to be much competition in the way of 1 and 2 year olds. It means that they would lock that market right up...

- Dave

Wordless Wednesday....wait a minute...it is only Tuesday!

Today was great....Hard, but great....I feel like all of my posts sound like a broken record. My car is still in the shop so Dave and I dropped the girls off at school (at 6:30 AM on the dot) drove through the HOV, he dropped me off and then I worked...and worked...and worked...today is my hard day...I teach all day long with a 30 minute lunch...but life is good...

Dave had a meeting this afternoon so he couldn't pick me up until 5:30. I got so much done. I worked and worked on AP Macro review material. I felt bad we picked the girls up a little before 6:30 pm...I told Dave that was child abuse...the daycare lady laughed and said, "no it wasn't...they are an extension of our family."...My car is still is not finished...uh...

Next week is teacher appreciation week at the girls school. The girls each have 3 teachers....So Dave and I are trying to figure out gifts...It is funny that now they are at a fancy place, we feel like we need to spend more on the teacher gifts....plus the daycare is sooooo AWESOME!!!!

Sophia is still walking...not a full time walker...part time....which is better than no time....



Ok...I will admit this....it is not a popular view...I do not like recycling...mainly because I am lazy when it comes to saving the Earth...Our neighborhood garbage company dropped off a huge recycling bin and now Dave is all about it....before he would leave his reccling by the trash with the intent to recycle, but a week later I would just throw it away...now he is really into it....He is mad at me when I don't want to...I recycle sometimes...but he gets upset when he has to fish things out of the "garbage" to put into the recylce box.

On a brighter note...Isabella's class recycled Easter eggs and made snakes...her teacher said Isabella made the best one beause she got to choose all of her colors....she is so smart...

and before I forget...Here is an "Isabellaism"...I asked her to do someting and she told me "no, I am busy..."....she is 2....I asked her where she learned that! haha.

What a Day

Everything started out great...I went to my book study and then drove home...the problem occurred about 8 miles from my exit, my tire went flat...It was 5 and the girls had to be picked up by 6:30....I pulled over and called Dave...He told me "DO NOT TRY AND CHANGE IT"...I decided I did not have time to wait for AAA so I would try and do it with the thought in the back of my mind hoping some man would come help...and sure enough a very sweet guy and his daughter helped me...I picked up the girls, drove to Discount Tire and found out that I needed several new tires, a new wheel, and an alignment (which they don't do)....1200 so far....uh...I HATE spending money on cars...but, I am just fortunate that we have decent jobs to pay for it...How do people on fixed incomes do it?

Few notes...my husband is sooo cute!
We had a few meltdowns...all of us...
I still haven't opened my in-laws b-day gift...I even took a picture of the envelope with the Iphone's date...haha...too funny:)


Taco Soup

Tonight's dinner...Left over taco soup from Bunko...it was good!!!! Too good...both girl scarfed it up....and my awesome friend who lives in Germany with her Air Force husband (who is expecting their first child...a boy)....surprised the girls with a package from Europe with m&ms and other candy...she read that Isabella received M&Ms for pottying and said they European ones were sooo much better....It was such a super, nice surprise because today was ROUGH!!!:)


VERY, VERY Random post

I have five random pictures that all have their own story. I am not sure the order they will post.

#1 Yoga Ball. Sophia is 16 months and she is still not walking. The doctor said she is fine and if by 18 months she isn't walking then we will go to the next step. My mother in law is a physical therapist and noticed that she just is not completely steady on her feet alone. She does wonderful holding on to things, but otherwise is wobbly. She suggested we buy a yoga ball and have her practice her balance.

#2 Birthday card. I have the most AMAZING in-laws. They are always so thoughtful, generous, and caring on my birthday. They always call on the day (April 30) and sing to me. The first year I was dating Dave (or engaged) and it was my b-day, they sent me a packaged. I opened it right away because I have no patience...I then called to say THANK YOU...this is when I found out they really wanted me to open it up on my bday...So ever since, I have waited...Since they came so close to my b-day, they left me a card and said, don't open it...It is sealed shut and words written to make sure I don't peak...so I shall take a picture every day to prove I am being patient:)

#3 Band aids on Sophia...The Easter Bunny brought Isabella Princess band aids...so she put those and stickers all over her poor sister:) I made the mistake of buying princess lip gloss...both girls fight over them and are obsessed...Isabella even used it on her eyes.

#4 My mother in law goes to medical conferences for physical therapy. She brings back interesting things. Today took the cake. Each girl got a small stuffed animal in their Easter Basket. The stuffed animal was of a Staphylococcus Aureus...the germ that causes Staff....how funny is that!

#5 When Dave and I started dating and getting serious (about 5 years ago)...I gave him a gift of a jar with all kinds of things that I wanted to do with him over the course of our life (get married, have kids, go to the Great Wall of China) random stuff...I found the jar, we opened it and read all the ones we have accomplished...it was very cool...and romantic:)

White chicken lasagna

It is currently in the oven...The was the first dream dinner Christa and I made together...we were both so tired. She accidentally pored a bunch of condensed milk...I took one for the team and took that one...We tried to scoop as much out as possible. I wanted her to really like dream dinners and did not want to risk her making that one first and her being turned off...turns out she LOVES dream dinners as much as I do! You put pecans on top...yummy!


Easter Time

This weekend has been very nice. We went to the awesome Crawfish boil on Friday and then Dave's parents and brother came in Friday night. Saturday after the Easter Egg hunt at church we had a nice lunch and then relaxed at the house. The girls dyed eggs. We had a really nice weekend. Sunday we went to 9:30 mass...I KNEW it would be packed so we left at 8:30 for 9:30 service. Hundreds of people had to stand or go into overflow. We got a seat....The girls were really good!